Edge of Belgravia is known for making high-quality knives. In fact, their knives are used by famous chefs around the world. They’ve even made their way into the Royal Kitchen in Buckingham Palace.

The Cutting Edge Of Knives

It’s easy to see why. These knives are both elegant and functional. Each knife is a work of art and fine craftsmanship. But they may have outdone themselves with their latest offering. Their Shiroi Hana (The White Flower) line was inspired by the idea that cooking should be a creative process, not just a task to be done every day. And you can’t help but feel creative with knives like these. To round out your knife collection, take a look at best oyster knife.

Each Shiroi Hana knife has 67 layers of alternating steel protecting the Japanese AUS-10 steel. “The White Flower” is the perfect name for these blades with their damask floral pattern. Each blade also has a polished mirror finish to highlight that beauty. The shape of the handle fits perfectly, with a great modern design.

These knives will feel great in your hand and they will quickly become your favorite kitchen knives. They have a great weight and as far as slicing and dicing, these blades will handle your daily needs with ease. Hey, if it’s good enough for Buckingham Palace, you know it’s good enough for your kitchen.

Shiroi Hana Chef Knives Will Up Your Kitchen Game
Shiroi Hana makes cooking artful.

These Knives Make Cooking Fun

Aside from being very capable knives, they will also make your kitchen look sharp. Like I said before, these knives are a work of art. They are as pleasant to look at as they are to use. So display them as part of your home decor and when you need one, take one from your knife block and get the job done efficiently.

Speaking of knife blocks, the company offers several that are just as stylish as their knives. You can’t go wrong with contemporary design, high tech materials, and sharp stainless steel. I’m not usually one to get excited about something like a kitchen nice, which shows just how unique these kitchen accessories are.

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