Shinco Air Conditioner Review

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Updated April 28, 2023
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Deciding on the best air conditioner to purchase can be difficult, especially when you’re not exactly sure what you should be looking out for. There are a lot of significant differences between a window unit, a mini-split air conditioner, and a portable air conditioner. The Shinco SPS5 happens to be a portable one, and its main advantage is that you can move it around anywhere. You can have it in your room, office, or workshop, and once you’re done with it, just hide it away until the next time your room temperature needs some adjusting, or the air needs some conditioning. If you happen to be shopping around for the best portable air conditioner and heater, we think the SPS5 might be worth some consideration. Get to the end of this review to find out what it’s got to offer. You will also need to know how it compares to other impressive air conditioners.

Why We Like It – Shinco Air Conditioner

As you’ll see in this air conditioner review, the Shinco Air Conditioner is a compact yet powerful air conditioner that’s fit for spaces not larger than 500 square feet, and is elegantly designed to match the interior decor of your living or working space.

  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Comes with complete window mount exhaust kit
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • No WiFi for app control


To be able to sufficiently cater to 500 sq ft of space, the Shimco SPS5 portable AC has a BTU rating of 11000 and features up to 3 different functions built-in. A slightly larger capacity model is this SHINCO Portable Air Conditioner which has a BTU rating of 12000. The Shinco air conditioner that we’re reviewing has a dehumidifier that rids the air of excess moisture, a heater that warms up a room, and a cool air fan that’s got 3 speeds. This Shinco air conditioner doesn’t have a dual hose like the Whynter Air Conditioner, but it’s still able to vent out a good amount of hot air outside whenever it’s operational.

Energy Efficiency

The Shinco portable air conditioner has a maximum power of 4100 watts, but if you want to be efficient with how much energy it consumes, you’ll want to switch on its 24-hour timer, so that you can regulate the times that you want to keep it on. This is something that you’ll also be able to do with the LG LP1217GSR, and it will help a lot in keeping your electricity bill manageable. Another unit that can help with energy conservation is the Seville Classics Tower Fan which features an energy-saving mode used to consume less power.


Similar to the SereneLife portable air conditioner and the SereneLife conditioner/dehumidifier, the Shinco AC unit has got filters inside to keep away any solid contaminants that may be in the air. This might include dust particles, pollen, or even smoke, and is vital for keeping the air fresh. The filters can be removed, and this is done so that they can get cleaned. Unfortunately, there’s no filter clean alert with this Shinco 11000 BTU portable air conditioner, but if you need a reminder on when the filters need to be replaced, then you should opt for the Honeywell MO08CESWK compact portable air conditioner instead. If you don’t want to deal with a filter, the model in our Honeywell CO60PM Evaporative Air Cooler review filters particles using its cooling media.


Most air conditioners that are of the same size as the Shinco SPS5 generally have warranties that provide coverage for up to 1 year, and this is exactly what you’ll get with this model. The warranty covers both parts and labor, and to avoid voiding it, the best practice would be to let an accredited technician install it in your home or office. You’ll get the same warranty out of the unit in our Whynter portable air conditioner review, along with a higher BTU.


With air conditioning becoming more of a necessity than a luxury these days, it makes a lot of sense to buy one that has a decent square feet coverage to make it as effective as you’d need it to be, and one that’s convenient to use. The Shinco AC unit, for example, comes with a remote control that saves you the need to walk up to it when making adjustments, and it’s got a window kit that’s pretty easy to get fixed. It might be limited to only 3 fan speeds, but it’s still perfectly fine for anyone who doesn’t need a strong gust of air blown about every time.

Shinco Air Conditioner Wrap Up

As you’ve seen in this Shinco portable air conditioner review, there’s a lot that you stand to gain from a compact, portable air conditioner like it. The purchase includes a complete window exhaust kit, so you probably won’t need to buy any additional items to be able to install it.