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Shimano Debuts Their CM-1000 Action Cam


There are plenty of action cams on the market, as we all know. GoPro may have pioneered the market, but there are more and more tiny cameras on the market. It takes a lot to stand out, but Shimano might have just engineered one that does.

Neither Wind Nor Snow Nor Hail

Shimano is admittedly not the first company you’d expect to come up with an action cam. They’re well known among cyclists, rowers, and fishers for their tough, light components and gear. But the expertise translates surprisingly well to action cams.

Not least? It’s waterproof up to 30 feet. Without a case. Yeah, this can take the abuse that Shimano’s other components are expected to endure. And it weighs 50 grams less than the GoPro Hero 3+

Dodge This, Action Cam

Surprisingly, it’s a fairly solid little camera on its own merits as well. It shoots 1080p video at maximum, which is less than the GoPro currently films but is impressive for the first camera out of a company not known for them. Also inside is a fairly impressive set of wireless features. First off, Wi-Fi comes standard, so you’ll be able to access this remotely. Secondly, it can be connected to vitality monitors using the ANT+ standard, allowing you to track and store more data. OK, it’s a gimmick for a lot of us, but that’s still some impressive forward thinking.

Room For Improvement


That said, we’d like to see a few tweaks for the next go-round. A “flat” mode would be a nice touch, as that’s increasingly useful. Also, we’d like to know what the sound capabilities are compared to the GoPro, which are surprisingly good for such a tiny little camera.

But those are minor nitpicks. Shimano seems to have delivered an action cam worthy of the name, and we’ll be able to put it through its paces in May; it’ll cost $300.

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