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Getting a stainless steel microwave drawer oven for your kitchen might seem so absurd if you’re used to a countertop microwave oven. But, if space is at a premium, then it might not be a very bad idea to have a built-in microwave. The Sharp SMD2470AS can help you make the most of your kitchen space, and with an internal capacity of about 1.2 cubic feet, it’s able to hold a 9 x 13-inch plate just like a regular compact microwave can.

Since you can’t have it as a regular stand-alone microwave, could it then be the best microwave for you? Before going forward, if you need a countertop model, you might like these two from Toshiba: EM131A5C-BS and the Toshiba EM925A5A-BS. Otherwise, read on and we’ll help you find out if the drawer model is better for you.

Why We Like It – Sharp SMD2470AS

The Sharp SMD2470AS stainless steel microwave drawer oven is for those people that would rather make the most out of the space in their kitchen. The microwave oven can be installed into your kitchen wall or cabinet, and with a 1.2 cu ft capacity, it’ll pretty much fit anything you can fit into a regular compact countertop microwave. But, for a larger unit conveniently placed above your range, you’ll want to check out the Samsung ME19R7041FG 1.9 Cu.Ft. Black Stainless OTR microwave.

  • Built in ready
  • 6 Auto defrost settings
  • Child lock feature
  • Expensive

Power & Performance

The Sharp model SMD2470AS has a power capacity of about 950 Watts, and while it may not be as powerful as the NN-NN67KS Panasonic Microwave oven of 1200 Watts, it’s still good enough for small to mid-size family meals. As clunky as it may look, the easy-touch automatic drawer won’t even need you to use any force to pull it out. The microwave features a hidden control panel pull-out button, but you’ll have to turn it at a 45-degree angle to access it. This Sharp stainless steel microwave also offers a smooth gliding action that prevents any spillage from happening during opening and closing, and also features an LCD display that is pretty easy to read.


The concealed nature of this Sharp model SMD2470AS wall oven is perfect especially if you have young children who run around and always want to tamper with everything. In fact, it comes with a child lock feature that prevents children from operating it when there’s nothing inside, since having it run with no food to cook lowers its life span. The Sharp microwave drawer oven also comes with a 1-year warranty, but most buyers opt for an extended warranty just to be on the safe side in case anything happens.

Ease of Use

The control panel on the SMD2470AS Sharp microwave is pretty similar to that of the NN-SN686S Panasonic Microwave 1200 Watts, with the only difference being that the buttons are arranged horizontally. There, you will find its sensor cook button, which features up to 12 cooking modes that it can apply based on what you’ve placed inside its 1.2 cu ft capacity drawer. The SMD2470AS microwave drawer features up to 11 different power levels, making it only slightly more varied than the Samsung MG14H3020CM microwave. A feature you should try is a microwave oven with a slim fry technology to use less fat when frying like the Samsung MC12J8035CT.

Additional Features & Versatility

Most people will find the 6 auto defrost settings that this Sharp stainless steel microwave offers very accommodating, and its keep warm feature very convenient especially when they’ve left their food inside the microwave to attend to other things.


To have this silver color stainless steel microwave properly installed in your kitchen, we recommend buying it alongside a flush mount deflector vent, and this is important because it’ll help prevent the hot air from its bottom from damaging your cabinet.

Sharp SMD2470AS Wrap Up

Sharp appliances are known to be of superior quality, and the SMD2470AS microwave remains true to this reputation. With an automatic drawer easy cooking is guaranteed, and although it’s a lot more expensive than most regular countertop ovens, it’ll give your kitchen a look that’s very sleek and sophisticated.

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