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Sharp Releases 90-inch LED TV, World’s Largest

LED TVs may not be the hottest displays in terms of tech, but the tech is anything but nascent unlike OLEDs.  And while we’ll have to wait a few more months for LG to release their first big screen OLED TV to the public for what is a purported $10,000, you can now purchase yourself a 90-inch LED from none other than Sharp, the LC-90LE745U. Make sure you check out our 120Hz Vs. 240Hz Vs. 60Hz Refresh Rate page to learn more about how these TVs work.

This sucker spans 6.5-feet wide and 4 feet high, which equates to a viewing capacity that is three times larger than a 55-inch set – it’s only 5-inches deep, though.  The 90-inch TV joins Sharp’s other flagship TV in the AQUOS line, which includes a 70 and 80-inch.  Features for the set are nothing short of top notch, including Sharp’s SmartTV system for surfing the net and streaming movies, built-in Skype, a full array of LEDs (not edge lit), and 3D enabled (it comes with two pairs of glasses).  There is also 240hz for an ultra fast refresh rate, and while we’ve long resisted enabling this option on our TVs, it might make sense on this size of set since motion blur would probably be more evident on a screen of this magnitude.  Lastly, the Sharp AQUOS line is finished in brushed aluminum, so in theory it should play complement to any setting with its sleek finish.

The Sharp AQUOS 90-inch LED TV will go on sale for $10,999.

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  1. You have no idea how awesome it would be if I could have this in my basement!  Now I just need to find a way to bribe my friends into buying it for me…

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