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Sharp R-21LCFS Commercial Microwave Review

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Sometimes, dealing with these modern microwaves might be a lot more complicated than we might anticipate since they’re packed with a bunch of new features and capabilities that you might not even use that often. This presents a problem, especially if you intend to get one for your elderly relatives, who are just concerned with warming their food when they need to and nothing else. If this sounds like something your grandma or grandpa might like, then you might want to consider getting them the Sharp stainless steel R-21LCFS commercial microwave. This is a simple-to-use, commercial microwave oven that uses a dial timer to set how much time you’ll need to get your food warmed up, and this alone makes it one of the best microwaves for seniors. Tag along to find out what the microwave has in store.

Why We Like It – Sharp R-21LCFS Commercial Microwave

The Sharp R-21LCFS commercial microwave dumbs everything down so that even the most incapable users don’t have a problem getting it to work. The microwave is operated by only one minute dial and has no other additional features.

  • Easy to use
  • Great build quality
  • Allows for time adjustment as the food is heating
  • No additional features

Power & Performance

The Sharp R21LCFS medium-duty commercial microwave has a power output of about 1000 Watts, just like the Samsung MS14K6000AS. This level of power is good enough to cook a wide variety of meals. This is just slightly better than the 900 Watt Commercial Chef CHM009 Microwave oven, though it does come packed with a lot more features and capabilities. The Sharp microwave also has an interior capacity of about one cu ft, making it ideal for cooking or warming up only small amounts of food at a time.

The Samsung MG14H3020CM, on the other hand, has up to 10 different cooking power levels and several auto-cook presets that’ll help you take away the guesswork out of heating and defrosting. But, if you need more cooking options, you might like the Toshiba EC042A5C-SS microwave, which has 13 sensor cooking menus.


If there’s one thing that this Sharp commercial microwave is built for, it has to be durability. Everything is kept simple and well made to reduce the chances of breakage. Its 1 cu ft capacity might not be too exciting to think about, but its stainless steel interior remains very easy to clean. The dial control on this microwave regulates how long you’ll need to heat your food at 100% power. However, take a look at the GE JES2051SNSS which comes with a 10-year warranty.

Ease of Use

The minute dial on this Sharp microwave is convenient to use since it allows you to modify the cooking time while the food is already heating. The AmazonBasics microwave won’t let you do this, as you’d have to cancel the operation and start all over again. Also, there aren’t any other controls to fidget with, making it far better for your elderly relatives to use. This serves both as an advantage and a disadvantage, so if you’re thinking of buying this microwave, then you better be sure that all you’re going to need to do with it is warm your food.

Additional Features & Versatility

As you know by now, there aren’t any additional features that come with the Sharp microwave, so there’s not much we can mention about it now. However, even without that many added features, you’ll still get some guidance on the right amount of time to get your food cooked. Unlike most microwave ovens, there’s a heating time guide around the speed dial that instructs you on the amount of time needed to prepare a specific meal. This helps take the guesswork away from any cooking.


This microwave’s 1 cu. ft. capacity might be the only serious issue that we may have qualms about. Since this is something that we cannot change, the only other option would be to purchase a giant microwave of a different brand.

Sharp R-21LCFS Commercial Microwave Wrap Up

The brand Sharp has been around for over a century now, and it is a Japanese company that is world-renowned for its outstanding products. The idea behind their R-21LCFS microwave was to create something simple for anyone to use, but only great at one thing – heating your food.

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