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Having a fan in your house nowadays is as common as having a TV, a music system or any other electrical appliance that you would expect to find in a home. There are very many types of air conditioners that you could be able to choose from, and this variety might make choosing the one that’s fit for you somewhat difficult. If you’re in the market for the best tower air conditioner that you can get, and at the same time hope to get one that’s under $100, then the Seville Classics Tower Fan might be of interest to you.

Why We Like It – Seville Classics Tower Fan

The Seville Classics Tower Fan is a great example of what makes up a good choice for a tower fan. It’s the only one we know about that comes accompanied with a smaller, personal fan, and it’s also got an eco mode as a setting that helps you save up on your electricity costs.

  • Comes with a smaller, personal mini tower fan
  • Has an eco mode for reduced energy consumption
  • Easy to read control panel
  • Only available in color black


With an airflow capacity of up to 275 Cubic Feet per Minute, the Seville Classics Ultraslimline tower fan is powerful enough to deliver a cool gust of wind to cool you down. What’s particularly impressive about it is that it comes with a smaller sized personal fan that you can place on your bedside or office desk, which isn’t really something that we’ve ever come across before with other tower fans. The main fan stands at about 40 inches tall, and the smaller one is only about 17 inches. The two fans are both capable of oscillating, and this is the one main thing that makes them very different from the Dyson Cool AM07 which uses air multiplier technology.

Energy Efficiency

The Seville Classics Oscillating Tower Fan is very much energy efficient, as it has got an energy saving mode that you can switch to incase you need to have it consume even less power especially overnight. You can also make use of it’s 4 hour timer during the day, or switch it to sleep mode where it’ll switch between different fan speeds over the night. The sleep mode setting is something that it also shares with the TaoTronics Tower Fan, so in this regard, the two are pretty similar.


There’s no filter on the Seville Classics Tower fan, so the only way to keep dust from interfering with its functioning is to clean it regularly. It’s pretty typical for tower fans not to have any filters inside, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. We suggest using a vacuum cleaner to rid the fan’s steel intake grill of any dust particles, and in doing so, you’ll also be able to ensure unhindered air circulation to whatever room you place it in.


Backed by a 1 year warranty, the Seville Classics Tower Fan is guaranteed to offer quality service, as long as you’re able to keep it clean and well maintained. Should you have any problems with your unit, don’t hesitate to contact the Seville contact team, as it is both your right and a service that they offer. As is the case with the Lasko T42951, there is a little bit of assembly required with this Seville Fan as well as other Ultraslimline fans, but this is basically an easy process that shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes.


Since the Seville Classics Tower Fan comes with a remote control, you’ll be able to adjust it’s settings and switch through it’s different modes without having to get up from your seat. This is something that all modern fans are nowadays capable of, so it doesn’t really make the Seville Tower Fan unique.

Seville Classics Tower Fan Wrap Up

The brand Seville Classics has been around for more than 40 years, and in that duration, it has been able to create a respectable reputation. The brand produces a wide range of home items, so feel free to have a look at their website and find out what else you can get for your house.

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