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Finding the best office chair for your home office, or general furniture for the living room or even your outdoor patio can sometimes be difficult especially if you’re not sure what brand to trust, or what budget you should stick to. With a brand like Serta though, those are issues that you don’t really have to worry about. The Serta Essential Mesh Low Back Office chair for example is a great alternative for anyone who is looking to get a compact computer chair, and at about $95, it’s pretty fairly priced. Is it the Best Mesh Office Chair around? Hardly, but it is well built, and is pretty comfortable.

Why We Like It – Serta Essential Mesh Low Back Office Chair

The Serta Essential Mesh Low Back Office Chair is a perfect option for anyone that’s looking for a chair that doesn’t have any bells and whistles. It comes in a nice grey color, and despite the lack of armrests or a headrest, it still remains a great choice for the average user.

  • Made of both faux leather & mesh
  • Slides into a computer desk
  • Height adjustable by 4 inches
  • No armrest/headrest


There’s not much in terms of back support that you’ll get from the Serta low back computer desk chair, so if you’re looking for a chair that’ll make sure that your back stays well in place, the Herman Miller Aeron task chair would be a much better bet. What you find however is a metal bar that’s covered by some light padding across the length of the backrest, and this does well to help you maintain good posture when seated down.


The faux leather material on the Serta Low Back Office Chair makes for pretty comfortable sitting, as it makes the chair very soft to the touch. The material doesn’t cover most of the chair, as it’s also got a mesh back that offers decent back support, and provides for good breathability. There aren’t any armrests on this Serta office chair, and if this doesn’t sit well with you, then perhaps the Modway Articulate would be a better option to consider.


The only adjustment that you’ll be able to make on the Serta Low Back Office chair is the seat height adjustment. This is controlled by a lever that’s just below the mesh seat. It’s backrest doesn’t recline as much, but since you’ll be able to raise or lower the seat by about 4 inches, you’ll be able to control how high or low you’ll need to sit on your desk.


Because of a back rest that’s made of a mesh cover, you should have no problems with the level of breathability that you’ll be able to enjoy from the Serta office chair. It’s mesh back prevents the kind of sweating that you would’ve experienced from a chair that was completely made out of PU leather.


Despite not having a massage function or even armrests like the Serta Big and Tall Office Chair does, the Serta Essential Office Chair remains a great alternative for any light user on a budget. It’s also the perfect option for anyone that doesn’t need too much from their chair.

Serta Essential Mesh Low Back Office Chair Wrap Up

The Serta Low Back Office Chair will make a great addition to your office’s decor, thanks to its minimalist design, and its small frame. It’s multi-directional casters offer easy mobility, and the back rest’s slight arch helps make sure you maintain proper posture when seated.

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