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For anyone who puts a premium on comfort, the Serta Big & Tall Executive Chair is sure to impress. It’s got a well-padded high back, a large frame, and elevated neck rest for adequate neck support. It also looks very executive and retailing at $186, it’s guaranteed to be easy on your wallet. Does it have what it takes to be the best office chair for anyone on a budget, much less, a user who’s looking for the Best High Back Office Chair they can get on a bargain? Hang around and we’ll help you find out.

Why We Like It – Serta Big & Tall Executive Chair

The Serta Big & Tall Executive Chair is a great pick for anyone that’s under a tight budget, and still wants to get a high back chair. For $186, it’s got decent features such as padded armrests, an integrated headrest and a butterfly seat design for improved blood flow.

  • Affordable
  • Deep layered body cushions provide good comfort
  • Weight capacity of 350 Pounds is proof of good structural integrity
  • No designated lumbar support


Lumbar support on the Serta Big & Tall Executive office chair isn’t as definitive as it is on the Homall Gaming Chair, so if you were hoping for some focused attention on your lower back, you might be a little disappointed. However, this Serta chair does have a decent amount of heavy padding, so the chair’s cushioning should easily be able to take the shape of your back and adequately support it once you sit down.


The Serta big tall high back home office chair scores major points in terms of comfort, and this is because of the deep layers of plush body pillows that it consists of. The seat sports a very distinct elevation towards it’s edge, and this is essential to allow for continuous blood flow to your legs, and help you avoid getting tired quickly from sitting down for long periods of time. Just like the OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Chair, the armrests on it are padded, but they’re also stationery, so there’s something you’ll just have to deal with.


Configuring the Serta Big and Tall bonded leather chair to your exact preferences may not be very difficult, as all you’ll have to do is reach underneath the seat, and make your adjustments accordingly. There’s a lever there that controls the seat height, and a control knob that determines how tight the backrest’s tension is going to be.


Most bonded leather chairs don’t excel when it comes to breathability, and the Serta Big & Tall Executive Chair unfortunately happens to be one of them. It’s thick cushioning & layered body pillows doesn’t do well in releasing heat, so you might find yourself standing up from the chair every now and then to keep your back cool.


There is a good amount of assembly required to put together the Serta Big & Tall office chair, but it’s not the kind that only a professional would be able to get through. All the chair’s parts are relatively easy to put together, and should take you less than an hour to do so. The only factor where we wish the team at Serta put a little more effort in is the range of colors that you can get the chair in. The chair exists in either black or brown, which doesn’t really match up to the AmazonBasics High Back Leather Executive leather chair which is available in White, Black & Brown. If there’s a bit more wiggle room in your budget, the SP Velvet Executive Chair is another great option.

Serta Big & Tall Executive Chair Wrap Up

There are a lot of chair’s around the market that you can choose from, but if you have a budget that gives you the luxury of choice, then the Serta Big & Tall Executive Chair would be a perfect alternative.

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