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Large, imposing, and very well padded, the Serta Air Lumbar Manager Chair is probably the largest bonded leather office chair that we’ve ever reviewed. The office chair has got deep layered body pillows that make for very comfortable sitting, and a bunch of cable-actuated levers that make adjustments on the chair very easy to make. The chair’s upholstered arm pads let you rest your arms comfortably when reading a book, using your phone or just leaning back, and for those that might have back problems, it’s Air Lumbar technology promises to offer the best back support you’ve ever gotten from an office chair. Interested? Good. Read on and you’ll get to find out why we think it offers the best lumbar support for an office chair.

Why We Like It – Serta Air Lumbar Manager Chair Review

The Serta Air Lumbar Manager Chair is a 39 pound office chair that’s upholstered with bonded leather, and is designed with Air Lumbar Technology that promotes enhanced breathability, while offering reactive lumbar support for your lower back. The chair is backed by a 1 year warranty on all its parts, and has a maximum recommended weight capacity of 250 pounds.

  • Heavily Padded for extra comfort
  • Seat-side cable-actuated levers
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Armrests are non-adjustable


The highlight of this bonded leather manager’s office chair is probably its flexible Air Lumbar technology. This basically refers to the chair’s dynamic lumbar zone that features reactive cushioning. This type of cushioning essentially aligns with your spine’s movements, and does a lot to help you stay comfortable even after sitting on the chair for long periods of time. You really can’t compare this to what the AmazonBasics High-Back Office Chair has to offer, but both chairs come with an integrated headrest, and very well padded armrests.


Just by looking at it, we’re sure that you can probably tell that the Serta Air manager’s office chair is a very, very comfortable chair. It’s deep layered body pillows will have you feeling like you’re sitting on an air mattress, and the waterfall design of its seat will do a lot to reduce the pressure on your legs, while also improving blood circulation.


Like most office chairs, you’ll also be able to adjust things like the seat height, tilt tension, and seat depth of the Serta Air Lumbar bonded leather manager chair, but the difference is that you’d be using cable-actuated levers instead of pneumatic gas lifts like what you’d use on the Homall Chair. The Serta leather manager’s office chair has a pretty decent seat height range, where you’ll be able to adjust it between 44 and 46 inches.


Because of the heavy padding that the Serta Air lumbar bonded leather manager’s chair has, you might assume that the chair probably gets warmed up pretty quickly. While this might be true for most heavily padded leather chairs, it’s different with this Serta chair as the perforated seat back & mesh accents allow for air to escape through the backrest. The chair might not be as breathable as the Flash Furniture Mid Back office swivel chair, but you also shouldn’t expect to start sweating as you sit on it.


As a brand that’s known for its mattresses, Serta is doing pretty well in carving another niche for itself by coming up with some of the most comfortable office chairs in the market. The Serta Air Lumbar Manager chair is probably one of their most popular offerings, and with a weight capacity of about 250 pounds, the chair is designed to sustain people with very large frames.

Serta Air Lumbar Manager Chair Review Wrap Up

The 1 year warranty that you’ll get with this Serta ergonomic office chair covers all its parts, so incase you come across any issues putting it together, feel free to reach out to customer service

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