Senza Bike Lock Calls for the Handle Bars to be the Lock

Is this the best bike lock or just weird? Toting around the good old bike lock is a pain in the ass, and literally if you resolve to the hipster methodology (they stick it in their back pocket).  So it only makes sense to integrate the lock into the bike’s components.

The Senza Bike Lock makes dual use of the handle bars. They can be removed and locked together to form the equivalent barrier of protection of that of a U-Lock, which is commonly used to deter thieves.  A double whammy is delivered because cutting the lock means damaging the handle bars, which are an integrate part of a bike’s usefulness.  The design, and we have to stress that it’s just a design, also calls for a rear wheel lock that is fixed in place and clamps closed to prevent the spokes from rotating or passing through the would be gap if it were unlocked.

Caveats?  In order for the locks to be sturdy enough to ward of thieves they’d have to be hefty in build, which means unwanted weight.  And despite the fact that it’s convenient to have the lock with you at all times, there are “rides” when you don’t require such an apparatus and thus the weight is unjustified.


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