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There’s been a lot of positive talk around carrying your own breath alcohol tester lately, and it seems like a lot of people are going ahead and purchasing one to move around with whenever they go out for a night of wild fun and alcohol. Doing this helps people avoid making pretty bad judgments, like driving back home when it’s clear to everyone around that there’s a lot of difficulty in walking straight. If you tend to go out a lot and you still haven’t gotten yourself your very own alcohol tester, then this review is for you. Go ahead and get to the end of this review to find out if the Sentech iSober 30 is the best breathalyzer for your needs.

Why We Like It – Sentech iSober 30

Fuel cell sensor technology is what the Sentech iSober 30 relies on to detect the presence of alcohol in your breath, and is the main reason why the BAC results from this alcohol tester are so precise that it was rated the most accurate personal breathalyzer in the EU.

  • DOHA & NHTSA certified
  • Up to 10 previous results can be stored in memory
  • 1 Year warranty period
  • No support for smartphone connectivity


Made by Sentech USA inc, the Sentech iSober 30 breathalyzer is a professional grade breath alcohol tester that uses fuel sensor technology Suracell to always put out an accurate BAC reading. The Suracell fuel cell sensor is also designed to endure a wide range of temperatures while still remaining pretty accurate over a long time period. Those that want to keep a record of their previous test results are also in luck since the iSober 30 is able to store up to 10 different tests in memory. Just like the BACtrack Trace Breathalyzer, the iSober 30 unfortunately doesn’t come with smartphone support, so you’ll just have to contend with the results you get from its LCD screen.


There’s not much to talk about concerning the iSober 30’s design. This is because it isn’t that unique, and it isn’t also as stunning as that of the BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer for example. Either way, the iSober 30 manages to pack it’s essential parts into a 3.94 x 1.73 x 0.59 inch plastic body, with a Red FND display at its front with a single power button just below it.


Rated as the most reliable personal breathalyzer in the EU, the fuel cell sensor technology behind the iSober 30 is so accurate that it was able to match the results that law enforcement recorded using their own separate breathalyzer tests. If you go ahead and purchase it, you’ll get to enjoy a 12 month warranty period just as you would with the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer, as well as all-round support in case the iSober 30 breathalyzer develops any problem. After an extended period of use, the breathalyzer iSober 30 will need to be recalibrated, and this is something that can be done in the US through an NHTSA approved calibration unit after every 12 months or 1000 tests.

Sentech iSober 30 Wrap Up

Despite being based in South Korea, Sentech has managed to create a worldwide market for its products, and this speaks to the level of quality that their products maintain. Go ahead and have a look at their products on Amazon, and also check what first time customers had to say about them – you’ll be impressed.

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