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Self Heating Coffee Mug

Refrigerators aren’t all that uncommon in some of today’s cars. They can keep beverages and snacks cold on a long car ride and pretty much all but ensure that your kiddies won’t get sick from turned mayo. But hot drinks can take a serious backseat, that is unless of course you’re toating along the Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug. If you want something for the home, read Which Best Home Espresso Machine is Right For You?

Unlike other insulated mugs this candy red apple finished (comes in black too) drinking apparatus can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and will keep beverages toasty warm on that bitterly cold day.  And, so you don’t burn your tongue there is an old school temperature guage lets you know the temperature before you dig in, as well as an on/off switch and an LED indicator light that lets you control the heating element.  They’ve also outfitted the bottom with a non-skid rubber base.  However, a drawback is it holds just 8oz, which is less than a standard soda can.

So no matter the length of the car ride, when you arrive at your destination your hot coffee will still be as piping hot as the minute it was brewed.  All for just $24.99.

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  1. Mario

    Where can I find this mug? Is it sold on-line?

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