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If riding a hoverboard may not be your ideal cup of coffee, then perhaps zooming around on a Segway miniPro may be something you could consider. Why? Well, for starters, the miniPro has a better foot platform than what you’ll get on a hoverboard meaning better balance, and an arguably better left-right steering mechanism that focuses on your knees. The miniPro Segway is also a cheaper alternative to the regular $5000 Segway and comes with the same quality and good design that it’s predecessor is widely known for. Marketed as a smart self balancing personal transporter, you must be wondering how it measures up to the best hoverboard in the market. Stick around for this Segway Minipro review to find out.

Why We Like It – Segway Minipro

Take your commute to the next level with the Segway miniPro personal vehicle. It’s 14-mile range and 10mph top speed make it great for making short trips to work, or moving in between classes around your college campus.

  • Powerful 800W motor
  • 14-mile range
  • Great build quality
  • Expensive


For close to $600, you get a good looking personal vehicle that’s got a 800W motor, hits a top speed of 10 miles per hour, and has a decent range of 14 miles per charge that outperforms the Tomoloo Hoverboard with Headlights at 12 miles. Whether or not you’ll get to 14 miles depends on things like your weight and terrain, but we still think it comes pretty close to what you’ll get from most  hoverboards. Connecting the Segway to your phone is possible via bluetooth, and this allows you to do fun things like adjusting the LED lights and obtaining your usage data.


The Minipro Segway has a very high build quality thanks to its durable magnesium-alloy frame, and this keeps it strong and sturdy for a long time after purchase. The head and tail LED Lights on the Segway make sure you can still use it in the evening, and a steering bar that’s shrunken down to knee-length makes changing directions feel more intuitive once you get used to it. The Segway sports two massive 10.5-inch tyres that get you through most flat surfaces, though the manufacturer discourages going off road with it. The miniPro isn’t really made for kids like the XPRIT Hoverboard is, but this is not to say that teenagers wouldn’t appreciate it’s sleek design.


The miniPro’s inebot app connects to your phone via bluetooth and allows for riders to activate an anti theft security feature that vibrates or flashes its lights in the event that it’s touched. The only issue with this is that it needs to always be within your phone’s bluetooth range to work. This also makes it difficult to use its remote control feature, and won’t help much if you move too far outside the bluetooth range even without knowing. On the flipside, the miniPro’s battery life is a lot better than what most hoverboards have to offer, and just like the Tomoloo Self-Balancing Hoverboard, its battery is also UL 2272 certified to meet the required standards of safety and use.

Segway Minipro Wrap Up

The only thing that might keep you away from getting the miniPro Segway is it’s price. Even at about $400, it’s a steal considering the kind of quality and design you get from it is the same as that of the much heftier priced $5000 Segway.

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