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Segway ES1 Electric Scooter Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

Are you tired of walking everywhere and looking for some excitement? Tired of electric skateboards? Maybe it’s time to check out a commuter scooter to get around town with. Trust me, the best electric scooter is a lot of fun. The Segway ES1 electric scooter is a popular option and I recently put it through its paces and tested it to see how it really stacks up to the competition. Read on to read my impressions of the Segway ES1 electric scooter.

Calling it now. This could earn the best E-scooter 2019 title. If you want to figure out what the best option is for you, take a look at one of the best Segways too.

Segway Or No Way?



Segway ES1 Electric Scooter Review


There’s a lot to love about this versatile scooter.

The Segway ES1 electric scooter is great for fun and commuting with large 8 inch tires, a no chain Engine and a range of up to 15.5 miles per charge of the battery. Other features include an anti breaking system, cruise control, front shock absorption, a front LED light and a digital display.


  • 15.5 miles per charge
  • Cruise control
  • LED display


  • May be too heavy for younger kids

Segway ES1 Electric Scooter Build Quality And Design

The design is that of a typical lightweight electric scooter, with a flair for the minimal, making it clean and streamlined. I’m tempted to call that look sleek and stealthy. The frame is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and high-density polymer, which makes it tough, but also lightweight and so it is easy to carry. Interested in a fat tire and big-wheel scooter with a max load of 250lbs? Check out our SAY YEAH scooter review.

The build quality is impressive. It weighs just under 25 pounds and has a rider weight limit of 220 pounds. I liked that the deck has a nice rubber material for extra grip that makes the deck feel nice and stable beneath your feet too. That is a nice touch. But to read about an easy to fold lightweight Segway that can accommodate a max load of 220 pounds, click our Segway Ninebot Kickscooter ES2 review.


This ES1 e-scooter has decent power and will reach top speeds of 12 miles per hour thanks to the 500W hub motor. This also helps it to climb inclines of 10 degrees easily and navigate over various terrain types. I didn’t have any problems due to lack of power.

Charging Time

The Segway ES1 delivers a 15.5 mile range per charge of the battery pack. As for charge time, it takes 3.5 hours to charge it up fully from being empty. That’s not bad at all for a folding electric scooter that also gives you a 12.5 mile per hour maximum speed.

It’s a better battery life than many competitors in the electric vehicles market. You can make it even better with an additional battery. An extra battery means less wait time.


This Ninebot ES1 did not disappoint. The handlebars have a comfortable grip with an anti-slip surface for good control easy to cleanfoot pads are in fact easy to clean. I tested this electric scooter on pavement, gravel, grass, and dirt. It handled each surface without any problems while delivering a very smooth ride.

Those large 8″ rubber tires absorb almost all bumps along with the heavycoil suspension. And the folding mechanism is super easy.

It’s a great self-balancing electric scooter for commuting around the city, just having fun, or zipping to the corner store. The anti-lock brake system in the rear wheel of this self-balancing scooter was very responsive. The kickstand is in a convenient position to the left of the footpad and it allows you to park your Ninebot by Segway scooter anywhere.

It is also very easy to fold up when you need to get on public transportation. It folds almost instantly.

One of the coolest features of the Segway ES1 escooter is cruise control for when you want to maintain your speed. Just choose your speed from the digital screen and you won’t have to maintain that speed manually. Top speed cruise control easy to use. The front LED light will light your way after the sun goes down and it is nice and bright.

Bottom Line

The Ninebot Segway ES1 electric scooter has a lot of great features and will please casual riders as well as hardcore commuters. The mobile app is also easy to use. For being so minimal in design it is surprisingly versatile. It sports large 8 inch rubber tires, anti-lock brakes, 12.5 mph top speed, and 15.5 mile range, powerful motor, front shock absorbers, LED display, a digital display and it just plain performs.

That easy to clean foot pad is great too. Segway designed an amazing vehicle in the Segway Ninebot ES1 escooter.

I feel like this model is Segway Ninebot flexing their muscles and showing off why they have been a major innovator in the personal transport market for years. Kids, teenagers, and adults will all love this scooter. It seems like kids 12 years and older would be perfect for this scooter, but I wouldn’t go younger than that.

Compare to other similar adult electric scooters and vehicles in the escooter high performance category like the Mijia M365, the Xiaomi Mi, Segway Ninebot ES2, Segway minipro, Swagtron Swagger, the Segway minilite, Gotrax GXL, Halo Rover and check prices on Amazon. This Segway Kickscooter ES1 is a decent value.



Segway ES1 Electric Scooter Review


This is an awesome electric scooter that I highly recommend.

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