It’s not discussed as often as it should be, but smartphones and apps have made stunning strides in making imaging accessible to the general public. Yeah, you spent ten minutes shooting stuff in slo-mo on your iPhone, but it means the great unwashed can mess with it. Speaking of the iPhone, check out our comparison of the iPhone 5 vs the iPhone 4s. Similarly, Seek brings a formerly ridiculously expensive technology to a low cost platform. If you need a new charging cable, you might want to take a look at our Une Bobine iPhone lightning cable review.

Hot-Blooded, Can’t You See?

Seek is a relatively low-cost thermal camera that can attach to either your Android or your iPhone. You simply click it into the bottom, boot the app, and point it at whatever you want to look at as a thermal object. Thermal imaging, for those who don’t watch Mythbusters, films on the infrared spectrum, meaning you can see how hot or cold an object is relative to its surroundings.

Warmer, Warmer, Hot!

On paper, that just reads like a fun gadget you might use a few times before throwing it into a drawer, even if it will run you $200 to have it handy. But it’s worth noting that thermal imaging systems like this are incredibly hard to come by elsewhere; most of them are not consumer grade equipment, but rather industrial tools used to spot heat leaks and otherwise diagnose relatively serious technical problems. So, just by existing, and being about $150 cheaper than the other consumer versions, it’s kind of revolutionary.

Fire It Up


Granted, the Seek is not at the same level of quality as those $10,000 systems we were talking about elsewhere; it’s got a much coarser resolution, and you’re more going to get “Predator-Vision” out of this than the narrow and precise technical data these systems can provide on the high-end. On the other hand, if you need a high end system, your job is probably already paying for it, so you might as well get the system that lets you have fun.