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See-Through Highlighter Lets You See What You’re Highlighting

Seethrough highlighter

Everybody uses highlighters when they’re taking notes, going over things and more, so they’re a pretty common thing. Sure, companies try to spice things up a bit with unique colors or by adding sticky notes to the highlighters for convenience, but really, they’re still just boring highlighters. Well, Japan Mitsubishi decided to shake things up a bit with their new see-through highlighter called Uni Promark ($160) that features a unique see-through tip so that users can easily see what they’re highlighting to avoid overshooting on words/sentences that don’t need highlighting. Thus, the new highlighter provides users with an accurate way to highlight things so that readers don’t get confused on what’s emphasized. The secret to the see-through highlighter is a think ink channel that’s placed in the middle of the clear part!



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