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If you need the best office chair, there’s no reason you should turn your nose at the Secretlab Omega 2020 Series gaming chair. Its adjustable lumbar support and comfort are the stuff of dreams, and may earn your trust in Secretlab’s brand like it has with so many others.

Why We Like It – Secretlab Omega Review

The Secretlab OMEGA 22020 Series gives every reason why Secretlab is one of the most popular brands for gaming chairs, thanks to their high quality build and comfort.

  • Comfort for days
  • Reliable brand recognition
  • Wide variety of colors and upholstery
  • Lumbar pillow lacks a strap


Secretlab’s PU leather is four times more durable than typical polyurethane leather. It’s going to be far more resistant to abrasion, giving it better durability than other office chairs without losing comfort. And to do that, a thicker layer of cold-cure foam was used, providing a comfortable cushion perfect for long gaming sessions or long days at the office—arguably better than the Steelcase Leap Chair.

Should you feel the need to relax, the Secretlab Omega 2020 has a full-length backrest recline. However, a warning: if you position the memory foam pillow underneath your neck just right, you might drift off to dreamland for a few hours. Yes, it’s that comfortable.”


What makes the Omega chair such a comfortable chair Secretlab PU leather and what Secretlab calls their “signature memory foam” inside the pillows. Additionally, the lumbar pillow and next pillow both have cooling gel pads inside. These will help dissipate heat and keep you cool—especially helpful during long gaming sessions.

If you prefer a soft fabric instead, the Secretlab Omega 2020 series chair also has a Softweave fabric option. It adds $20 onto the price, but what’s $20 for fabric you find more comfortable? It’s still cheaper than the Herman Miller Embody Chair.


If you consider this Secret lab Omega gaming chair review, you’ll already know the office chair has superb value, easily beating the Steelcase Gesture Chair. Secretlab knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to gaming chairs, and the Omega is just another reason to trust their brand. This is especially true if you’re sick of those terribly cheap office chairs and are ready for a chair that knows lumbar support is more than just having a curved design.

Secretlab Omega Review Wrap Up

Secretlab continues to provide the gaming community, and offices everywhere, with superb office chairs. Their comfort and quality make them an absolute joy to sit in (and occasional nap). Whether you’re working long hours, or playing your favorite video game, you’ll be comfortable the entire time. True, there isn’t a strap for the lumbar pillow, but it’s big enough that it rarely becomes an issue; otherwise, the Omega 2020 chair is worth every penny.

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