Seatylock Ensures You Never Forget Your Bike Lock

If you own a bike, you’ve definitely had one of two experiences. One, you come out of work, or the store, or some other location, and discover your bike lock has been sheared off with a pair of bolt cutters and your bike is gone. Or two, some jackass stole your seat. The Seatylock is an attempt to stop both in their tracks.

Seat And Lock In One

As the name tells you, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Your seat is attached with a quick release on the post. Pop it off and it unfolds into a meter-long solid lock, solving the problem both of where you’re keeping your lock and what to do about people going around with bolt cutters. It also ensures, well, that your seat isn’t going anywhere, what with it being used to lock down your bike.

Take A Seat

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this particular tool. First of all, it’s designed to be compatible with pretty much any bike on the market; just slot it in and adjust it to your preferred position. There are two types of saddles available, one for trekking and one for comfort, and they come in a variety of colors and styles, with fifteen colors available depending on the Kickstarter level you choose.

Lock It Down


The simple fact of the matter is that as bicycles become more popular, bike theft is going to be more and more prevalent. The Seatylock is a smart way to make sure you’ve always got a lock on you, and thus always have a bike to ride when you’re done with the day. If you’d like to be the cyclist that’s always prepared, it won’t cost you much, either; prices on the Kickstarter start at just $85, depending on what you’re looking for.

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