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Seagate Backup Plus 1TB Portable Drive Review

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How often do you do laundry? Me? I’m slinging dirty britches on the daily! The wife and our wannabe superstar model offspring, host a lot of mock beauty pageants. So there’s always clothes to wash. Laundry, car washes and general tidying are all thankless and never-ending tasks. Yet we all endeavor to maintain and preserve the longevity of said items and/or their ability to function. Sadly this tenacious care-giving rarely translates to our digital space. Halley’s Comet may return before I do another all-too-crucial system back up. this provides another feature than what you can find in our Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB mobile storage drive review. The Seagate model below is a good option as is the WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo w/TB Cable 8TB Hard Drive. But is it one of the best external hard drives?

That’s just silly. There are more ways to back up your system than there are buttons on your keyboard. Seagate’s Backup Plus 1TB portable drive is one of the more sophisticated ways to get that back up done. It might also be useful to know how to format or erase a hard drive. It hosts oodles of storage space and packs in a handy software suite with cloud storage and social networking integration–all while maintaining its ultra slim girlish figure.

The Seagate Backup Plus portable drive is also unfazed by your petty allegiances. Are you a “Mac” of a “PC”? It doesn’t care. The Backup Plus features a single USB 3.0 connector. This can plug in to both USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. You can also upgrade that connection by purchasing a USB-to-Firewire or USB-to-Thunderbolt adapter. Either plays nice with Apple computers and without the need for reformatting. Carry your PC data right over to your Mac and vice versa (compatibility withstanding). You can also snatch up a handy USB to iOS adapter for to/from data transfer on iPad, iPod and iPhone.  It’s completely transparent and intensely convenient.

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Now sit back and watch the thing fly. Yup the Backup Plus is a peppy worker. Transfer speeds can vary depending on system conditions and programs running in the background. But on average this portable storage transferred 2GB  in 60sec. But that time was cut in half to 30 seconds, when I transferred that same data to and from a solid state drive (30sec each way). That’s 2GB of data in 30 seconds. Not bad at all!

Moving and backing up files to the Backup Plus is no different than your typical drag-n-drop work. The device is plug-and-play. Just drop files right into the drive. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. But Seagate has included a fairly meaty set of software utilities to aid you.

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Dashboard may take longer than you want to install and update, but is houses a number of cool little tricks. You can easily set automatic backups hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or continuously (for constant backups as your data changes). Need to be more hands-on? Then dig deeper and set which files, photos, movies and software need to be backed up and when. Or just manually back it all up as needed. You can even log into your cloud storage acct of choice and back up files from or to the cloud.  The freedom and options are there.

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You can also save data from your social networking accounts such as Facebook and Flickr. Just log in and select what content you want to save to the Backup. It’s simple and ubiquitously intuitive. For many of us, Facebook is our digital family album, so It’s nice to have a literal backup in case something were to happen or–heaven forbid–you cancel your Facebook account. Check out our Seagate Goflex Hard Drive And Net Media Share Device review for an external hard disk that you can access remotely.

No matter what it entails or how you store your digital life, the Seagate Backup Plus has your “back”.  It’s a portable plug-and-play storage device that goes the distance in speed and functionality. Moreover, we have an equal opportunity HDD, ready to tackle either of the major operating softwares, right out of the box and it fits in your back pocket. Now there’s no excuse for system backup procrastination.

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The Bottom Line: No complaints! I love the Backup Plus. It obscenely swift with data transfer and offers a good deal of back up flexibility. It makes file maintenance a breeze at home or o the go!


  • 2GB in 30sec. = SPEEDY
  • 100% Windows & Mac compatibility
  • Supports Thunderbolt connection
  • Sophisticated software
  • Affordable

You can buy the Seagate Backup Plus 1TB Portable Drive at Amazon for $109.99

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