SDU Folding Electric Bike Review

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Updated January 27, 2023
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The SDU Folding Electric Bike is a modestly priced option, and its folding design makes storage easy. It’s styled in an integrated, streamlined shape with an aluminum alloy frame and fat tires, making it the best ebike for hills for those on a budget who want to zip through the beach, mountains, or downtown for a bite to eat. Whichever bike you have selected as the best electric bike, a look at this option makes you doubt your best option.

Why We Like It – SDU Folding Electric Bike

The SDU Folding Electric Bike offers pedal assist controlled by its throttle twist grip. Its fat tires make it a go-to for mountain bikes, and its powerful motor makes it an easy choice for those in the market. The Schwinn voyageur review provides a better option for a bike you want to use for Alpine-style touring.

  • USB phone charger.
  • 5-hour charging time.
  • SDU SDREAM ebikes come with a 1-year warranty.
  • Looks like a child’s drawing of a bike.
  • Must have an iPhone or Android to use some security features.

Durability & Build Quality

The Electric Bike SDREAM has engineered is styled in an integrated, streamlined shape through hydro-forming – a technique widely used in the automotive industry – to create a stronger, more rigid aluminum alloy frame. The seven-speed gear shift and 4” fat tires get the job done in all kinds of terrain, beach, mountains, snows, or asphalt. This electric bicycle offers full suspension to better guard its frame motor and battery from the wear and tear of uneven terrain.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

This Foldable ebike (just like the bike in our Shueriu folding bike review) offers three levels of speed assist modes to pick from, controlled by its twist grip throttle, and can reach speeds up to 20Mph. Knowing that, it’s much faster than the Ancheer electric bike or the Razor MX350. While not as impressive as the Haibike SDURO HardSeven 2.0’s Tektro hydraulic disk and ten-speed Shimano gear shifter, this SDREAM ebike offers reliability and utility in response to its competitor brand’s higher speeds and rate of acceleration.

Range & Battery

Typically foldable electric bikes opt for a battery housed in a compartment on the outside of the frame, like E-Cells Super Monarch Crown near the rear wheel; however, this electric bike has a hidden chamber in the frame that, when folded, reveals its battery. This creative feat of engineering offers a stupendous anti-theft measure. On a full charge, riders can expect 35 miles with its 500W electric motor, and charging takes only five hours. Consequently, despite the long charging time, it travels much farther than the Speedrid electric bike.

Safety features

The SDU Folding Electric Bike features GPS theft protection available through an iOS/Android app and a hidden removable battery, which is something that the HalloMotor 5000W FC-1 can’t claim. It features front and rear mechanical disc brakes for a faster response time. The four-inch fat tires offer a greater surface area and more stability in uneven or slick terrain, such as the beach, mountain trails, and snowy city streets, making your daily commute or weekend getaway far less risky regardless of the elements.


While this foldable ebike isn’t, in the strictest sense, cheap. It is a nice electric mountain bike, the range and top speed are nothing to sneeze at, and its battery being rechargeable means that you could conceivably use this foldable ebike as opposed to a car or public transport if you want to save money. The aluminum alloy frame is well made, and those looking to invest in a long-term, lightweight electric bike will find that this SDU SDREAM electric bike gets the job done.

SDU Folding Electric Bike Wrap Up

The SDU SDREAM ebike’s folding design and range alone make this a decent option for city commuters and nature enthusiasts alike. Its fast charge time and range are impressive, and the top speed is more or less standard for most electric bicycles that you’ll find. There are higher power alternatives we’ve covered before, but if you aren’t trying to tear up the trails, this will get the job done.

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