Scribble pen

If you’re an artist, you’re probably always analyzing colors and beating your head trying to replicate certain colors in your art. The Scribble pen wants to help with this task and make your life less complicated by providing the color for you. As the first coloring device that can take any color and transfer it to paper or your favorite mobile device, the Scibble pen and stylus brings all the colors of the rainbow to life without any guess work. The device comes in either a pen for transferring colors to paper or a stylus pen for pairing with the Scribble+ mobile app to instantly synch all the colors you scan directly into your mobile device. Then they’ll be organized, tagged, searchable and converted to various color models for added convenience.

Scribble pen

It can hold over 100,000 unique colors in its internal memory and reproduce more than 16 million unique colors, making it a useful tool for any artists, designers or anyone who loves color. Scribble’s ability to copy any color in the world is due to its color sensor and microprocessor that detects colors and mixes the required ink for drawing. And since it’s small, you can easily fit in your pocket, purse and/or bag and take it with you on the go to capture colors any time you see one you like. The Scribble Ink Pen that instantly brings colors of your world to life on paper is going for $149.95, while the Stylus option is $79.95 and comes in a variety of pen color options like black, pink, blue, grey, white and orange. It’ll soon become a Kickstarter campaign and if you’re interested, sign up on their site to be the first to know when it’ll become available (and get 20% off).

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