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Updated June 27, 2022
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Scout Security is a home security company that got its start through a very successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2012. This level of success was quite something back then, as they didn’t use the traditional crowdfunding sites that we all know about. Nonetheless, it’s been a fast rise to fame since then, with the Scout security system becoming a favourite with many homeowners. Upon purchase you get a 9 piece kit, and this includes 1 Scout hub, 1 Door panel, 2 motion sensors and 5 access sensors. Stick around if you want us to walk you through everything in this home security system review, and find out if indeed this Scout system is the best home security system for you. Compare this to our ADT Home Security review roundup if you’re not sure what home security option is best.

Why We Like It – Scout Security

As you’re about to learn in this security systems review, Scout offers a lot of advantages that you wouldn’t traditionally get from most security companies. The Scout alarm is loud enough to scare off any unwanted visitors, and its door/window sensors are small enough for you to conveniently hide.  But if you want to try out a security system before purchasing it, go to the Protect America home security system review.

  • Supports Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT
  • Cellular-only option available
  • Reliable customer service
  • No smoke monitoring included
  • Security camera sold separately


Just like the Frontpoint Home Security System, the 9 piece Scout system kit isn’t something that you’ll need to have someone over to install. You can place the Scout hub anywhere on your shelf or desk, the door panel on your main door (you’re going to start using a key fob to get into your house), and a motion sensor right next to it because any movement is most likely to start from where the door is. Although sold separately, the indoor camera would also be a great addition to give you eyes on the house when you’re away, (and make you eligible for a monthly monitoring plan). You’ll then be able to control everything from the Scout mobile app. If you have a smart home set up that includes either Google Home or Alexa though, you can also integrate the Scout Security System to be able to issue voice commands. You can also view your home live anytime in security systems like the one in the Scout video doorbell review.


As more people continue to warm up to home automation & DIY home security, a lot of attention is also being given to how well these gadgets blend in with the decor. The Scout home security system however seems to meet most people’s expectations, with cool color options such as arctic that are likely to match with your home. The two key fobs that it comes with (same case with the LiveWatch Home Security System) are great especially for people who aren’t tech savvy enough for the control panel on the Scout app, and with an access sensor that’s small enough to conveniently place close to your door or window, you’ll be able to secure all points of entry in your house.


You don’t really need to sign a contract (like you would with the Protect America Home Security System) to use the Scout home security system. You’ll just choose whether you’ll be paying per month or per year, and you’ll be all set. If you want to have your house monitored by a pro, you can opt in for the Scout’s professional monitoring program, where you’ll have to choose your most preferred monthly monitoring plan. Its DIY installation process is easy to follow through by yourself, giving it a great edge over other home security systems that have a complex setup procedure. In case you have more people that need access to your house though, Scout also provides two key fobs that you can share out, which is another thing that makes it stand out from other security systems. In the event of a home atack, its alarm system is loud enough to scare off burglars at 105 decibels, and with cellular backup provided as an option, you’ll get to know if anything happens to your Scout security system through SMS or a push notification.

Scout Security Wrap Up

Hopefully as we wrap up this home security system review, you’ll have started to appreciate the level of quality you get with Scout equipment. If you’ll not be able to monitor your house yourself, you can also choose from Scout’s different monthly monitoring plans to make sure that you always have a set of eyes looking after your home.

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