ScotteVest’s OTG Jacket Can Easily Hold a Laptop – And More

Do you wish that there was an easier what to carry your laptop? Then you should check out this ScotteVest Off the Grid (OTG) jacket, which is designed to hold pretty much everything, including the largest and best laptops under $500 for 2018 – Chromebooks, Ideapads, Dell laptops, and more.

So, how does a super-cool jacket pull off this laptop-toting feat? Well, the OTG jacket has an amazing 29 different pockets to hold everything you need to survive – literally – including two large front pockets with a bit of extra padding that can handle laptops as large as 14-inches (Actually, ScotteVest says you can go as large as 15 inches for those MacBooks and other laptop models). There is a woman’s version, but since it’s smaller you may be stuck with only the very smallest laptop sizes if you prefer a small-sized jacket.

This isn’t the only tech-friendly features that the OTG jacket has, either. Some features are aimed more at survivalists, like the pocket that’s supposed to block RFID signals…which, okay. There’s also an inside pocket where you can fit a tablet if you prefer that to a laptop, as well as two “clear” pockets that allow you to use your phone without taking it out of your coat, which is handy if you don’t want to risk dropping your phone in a dangerous area.

OTG Jacket Pocket
That’s not for show – you really can fit a laptop in there.

Now to the obvious question: Why use a laptop jacket when you already have a laptop case? Well, there are a couple answers for different kinds of consumers. On a cold winter morning, we can imagine it would be a lot more comfortable to bundle your laptop in your coat (especially if it’s built up some heat) rather than carry a separate accessory. Other buyers may not want anyone to know that they are carrying a laptop, or where their laptop might be.

ScotteVest is selling this OTG coat for $215, a reduced price, if you are interested in taking a look. You may be surprised at just how well-fitted the coat manages to look despite all those pockets.

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