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You don’t need the Best Electric Bike to experience the thrill, not while you can get your hands on an Ebike Conversion Kit. What you do is install the kit, like the Schuck Ebike Modification Conversion Kit, to your boring old bike, and it’s electric! In this case, you’re strapping a 500W motor to the bike, along with some extra goodies.

Why We Like It – Schuck eBike Modification Conversion Kit

Pick the Schuck Ebike Modification Conversion Kit if you want a more complete package. It has a solid 500W motor, but also improves on durability with steel, and includes extra accessories so you get more bang for your buck.

  • Good power & durability
  • Has a power cut-off brake lever
  • Extra accessories included
  • Doesn’t include battery

Durability & Build Quality

The Schuck E Bikes Conversion Kit shares its use of aluminum like my others; it’s lightweight, cheap, and durable. There is a bit of stainless steel tossed in there for good measure. The brake lever is aluminium, as are the rims, which are double-layered, but the spokes are stainless steel.


The Schuck Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit comes with a 500W brushless gearless hub motor controller, ideally powered by a 48V battery. It’s a thumb throttle, and when pushed to its maximum (without pedal assist), you can get up to 20mph. Even new electric bikes pre-built max out around the same due to US law, even more powerful kits like the Bafang Mid Drive.

Range & Battery

Unfortunately, the range and battery life of the Schuck Ebike Conversion Kit isn’t immediately apparent. This is because the front wheel electric bike conversion kits lack a battery. To get your front wheel kit working, however, you’ll need a 48V battery. A mid-range battery should net you between 20-30 miles on a single charge. The Hilltopper Horizon Conversion Kit, however, has its own battery that can travel up to 50 miles.

Safety Features

No electric motor conversion kit is worth its salt if it lacks safety features. There’s a few you can push aside, but one you shouldn’t is a power cut-off brake lever. Thankfully, the Schuck Mid Drive ELectric Bike Kits come with one. What that does is cut off power to the motor if you use your brakes.


Despite lacking a battery, Shuck’s new e bike conversion kits still pack a lot of value. You aren’t just getting the essentials, but also an LCD display, a rear light and KT-LCD78S front light, and a choice between the rear wheel electric motor kit or front wheel option. Even considering the price of the battery—usually between $100 to $250—at most you’ll pay $600, which is significantly less than most mid-range, pre-built electric bicycles. Alternatively, the Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit is $50 cheaper, and has a decent battery.

Schuck eBike Modification Conversion Kit Wrap Up

It’s true the Schuck Ebike Modification Conversion Kit lacks a battery, which means an extra charge to your bill. But it isn’t without its bonuses. You’re getting more than you would otherwise, like a rear and front light, and most importantly: a power cut-off brake lever. With one decision, Schuck created a safer experience.

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