Sceptre E246BV-FC 24″ LED HDTV Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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This budget-friendly TV is 24 inches of 1080p high-quality viewing goodness. While it will never be the best tv monitor or come near the true HD experience of 4K, it nonetheless manages to produce HD images at 1080p for less than $90, so it’s perfect if your child wants a TV for their room, or you just want a monitor for the kitchen. Find more product recommendations by reading our in-depth electronics list.

Why We Like It – Sceptre E246BV-FC 24″ LED HDTV

The Sceptre E246BV-FC 24″ LED HDTV is a budget flat screen LED/LCD TV (not a smart TV) that delivers decent performance on a 24” display for less than $90. This full HD HDMI/VGA compatible LED TV is perfect for streaming Netflix via a Fire TV Stick, or for playing video games in your bedroom.

  • 24” 1080p Display
  • Multiple Input Ports (HDMI, USB, VGA)
  • 8ms Response Time Makes This A Great LED HDTV For Video Games
  • Not A Smart LED TV
  • Doesn’t Come With A Wall Mount

Performance (Display/Resolution/Refresh)

Want a great TV but you’re on a budget? You should consider the Sceptre E246BV FC, an HD LED TV with a 24″ 1080p display (if you’re looking for a 4K TV, check out the Sony X720E). While it won’t be the next addition to your smart home (it’s a “dumb” tv, not a “smart” TV), the Sceptre E246BV is still a quality product that costs less than $90, has a low response time of 8ms, and works with both HDMI and VGA sources.

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The E246BV FC has two built-in 3W speakers, each with a 4-ohm resistance. They aren’t very good speakers, as they sound tinny and can’t go very loud, so you’re going to want to invest in a soundbar. Fortunately, since this TV only sets you back $90, you should have plenty of money left over to get a decent soundbar. The E246BV F has a 3mm aux output and an optical output, so you can easily hook it up to basically any speaker, although, for Bluetooth speakers, you’re going to need a Bluetooth transmitter.

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Smart Features

This is not a smart TV, so you might want to consider the LG SM9000 (which has Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant) if you’d prefer to purchase a smart TV over a regular LED TV. The only “smart-ish” feature this TV has is its USB port, which can be used to play MP3 files off of a USB drive, or to power a streaming device such as a Chromecast. You can also use the USB port to view USB pictures on your flash drive as well. Fortunately, the TV does include a remote control to operate the device.

Ports & Expandability

This TV has a USB port and a VGA input, along with an HDMI input. Unlike the Samsung NU6900 55, which has two HDMI ports, there is only one HDMI port on the Sceptre E246BV-FC 24″ LED HDTV Display 1920×1080 Full HD HDMI VGA USB. True Black is the only color that this monitor is available in, which is OK because it will look nice alongside any device you hook up to it. In terms of parts/accessories, we recommend you get a wall mount along with a streaming device for this TV.


At less than $90, this Sceptre TV is extremely affordable. It also has a 24-inch display, which is larger than some similarly priced TVs. Unlike many TVs on Amazon, it offers free returns as well as free deliveries, so you are covered if you decide this TV’s not right for you. It scores a 4.3 out of 5-stars on Amazon (based on 664 ratings), so for the most part customers seem satisfied with it, but you can also purchase a 3 or 4-year protection plan if you’re worried about the longevity of the device.

Sceptre E246BV-FC 24″ LED HDTV Wrap Up

The Sceptre E246BV-FC 24″ LED HDTV is a good TV to consider if you’re looking for a basic monitor to play video games on or use with a streaming device. While this isn’t a smart TV, and won’t provide as clear of an image as a 4K TV will, it still is a great option if you just need a basic TV without all the bells and whistles.

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