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If you would like to find one of the top-rated 1080p gaming screens with an amazing refresh rate look no further than the Sceptre C326B-185RD. This monitor also has a curved display that will immerse you into your content like never before, and with the help of Nvidia, it will provide smooth gameplay so you won’t have to worry about any visual imperfections. In this regard, it’s comparable with the best gaming monitor.

Why We Like It – Sceptre C326B-185RD

The Sceptre C326B-185RD has one of the highest refresh rates in the game at this moment providing clean image quality that keeps you glued to the game rather than being annoyed by choppy graphics. It has internal speakers so you can minimize the need for an external sound system on your desk.

  • 185hz is higher than the standard refresh rate in other monitors
  • The blue light filter will let you play longer without eye fatigue
  • Set up may take up a portion of your time


If you are a fanatic of suave graphics while watching or playing, this Sceptre monitor delivers a full HD resolution of 1080p. While gaming, you can expect the AMD FreeSync technology feature to get rid of any motion blur and ghosting so you can enjoy more of the graphics. It can do this by linking the refresh rate to the graphics card. When it comes time to execute a command, the response time will be about 3ms. If you would like to find a monitor with a better response time, you may want to take a look at the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor. Additionally, learn how much input lag is acceptable for gaming, so you buy the right monitor.

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Viewing angle

The curvature on this curved LED gaming monitor is 1800R which means that it will provide a viewing angle with a radius of 1800 millimetres. It uses a VA panel type of screen. Among the other types of screens, the VA panel gives gamers the slowest response time but the highest contrast. It comes VESA mount ready so you can quickly mount it if you prefer to view it from your wall. If you don’t have enough space for this 32” inch monitor, you may want to take a look at the Asus VG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor.

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This curved gaming monitor is made from a hard plastic shell. Some customers have complained about issues with the power cable, and dead pixels, and while it was not a reoccurring thing, it is always best to ask about any insurance plans available for your monitor after purchase. If this has frightened you away, maybe a better choice without such a risk is the LG 27GL650F-B 27 Inch Full HD Ultragear G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor.


This particular monitor has a brightly colored port panel to distinguish between the different ports. There are a total of three HDMI ports which will be useful if you have a couple of consoles and HDMI devices that you would like to set up. Other ports include a power port and a DisplayPort. Whether you use a DisplayPort or HDMI for gaming is up to you. If you like to use headphones while you game there is a headphone jack available for you.


This monitor is fairly priced for everything it can do. Not only will you get to experience a whole new method of immersion through the curved display, but you will also enjoy your video games with smoother frame rates thanks to the Nvidia Freesync gamers are constantly raving about. In addition, with the inclusion of the speakers, this monitor will not take up much room from your desk, giving you more elbow room to rest on.

Sceptre C326B-185RD Wrap Up

Get ready for marathon hours of content with no guilt attached, because the Sceptre C326B-185RD will let you game for extended periods without feeling any eye fatigue thanks to the blue light filter. Take a chance to immerse yourself into this curved display, and be prepared to gaze at your video games like never before without any visual disturbances.

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