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Updated October 5, 2022
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94 Expert Rating

The Say Yeah Electric Scooter has the ability to climb hills of up to 10% incline, which really is impressive considering how many other scooters can’t. The 16” pneumatic front tire grips the pavement well, but the decision to make the rear tires only 4” is a little baffling. Still, we would consider it the best electric scooter with a seat and even the best electric moped, and we would like you to do the same. Just by looking at it and the max load it can carry, it is a contender for the best electric scooter title.

Why We Like It – Say Yeah Scooter

The Say Yeah Scooter boasts an impressive top speed of 15MPH and an even more impressive 15-20 mile traveling range which is well above what most other electric scooters in its class can do. If you need to travel at night, the scooter also provides an LED headlight with a horn for added security.

  • Climbs 10% Hill Inclines
  • 16” Pneumatic Front Tire
  • 220 Pound Weight Capacity
  • 4” Rear Tires
  • Heavy


The Say Yeah Scooter features a powerful motor of 350W and a top speed of 15 MPH, which is on par, and maybe even a little above, other comparable scooters in its class, such as the SKRT Electric Scooter. The scooter is also capable of climbing hills of up to a 10% incline. You would be amazed at how many scooters struggle with hills, so even if 10% doesn’t sound like a lot, you’ll be happy to know it’s actually quite impressive. Read our Razor UB1 electric scooter review for a seated scooter with up to 40 minutes of continuous use and speeds of up to 13.5 mph.


The Say Yeah Scooter comes with an LED light on the front handlebars and a horn, so nighttime riding can be extra safe. The scooter also features a nice and chunky 16-inch pneumatic front tire, the same as the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter, and two four-inch pneumatic rear tires. The idea to make the rear tires so much smaller is a little puzzling, but the scooter still sticks to the road and provides great maneuverability despite this. Planning to escape traffic and change the way you commute using a lightweight and foldable kick scooter that can accommodate a max load of 220 pounds? Open our Segway ES1 review.

Battery Life

The battery life is where the Say Yeah Scooter really shines. It gets an impressive range of about 15-20 miles (depending on the max weight of the rider), which is well above what most other scooters, such as the Hiboy S2, can travel. The charge time is also exceptional, clocking in between 4-6 hours. So whether you want to charge overnight or throughout the day, the Say Yeah Scooter has you covered. For another option with good range, the Tomoloo electric scooter can get around 18.5 miles per charge.


The Say Yeah Scooter boasts a 220-pound weight capacity which can accommodate both adults and children. You’d be surprised just how many scooters have under a 170-pound weight capacity, so we’re happy about this. Unfortunately, the scooter is a bit on the heavier side, with customer reviews weighing it at 70 pounds and even shipping at 83 pounds.  But for a scooter that’s not retractable in any way, this is to be expected. If you need a higher maximum weight, the Qiewa Q1 Hummer electric scooter has a max weight of 550 pounds while only weighing around 55 pounds.


There are plenty of other features to showcase with the Say Yeah Scooter. The wide-saddle seat is, you guessed it, wider than most scooter seats for an even more comfortable ride. It even comes with a place to put a basket so you can place any items you need into it while you’re traveling. It’s especially good for groceries. I’d like to tell you that it retails for a lower price than others, but it’s currently unavailable on Amazon.

Say Yeah Scooter Wrap Up

The Say Yeah Scooter shines because of the extra safety features it includes. We’ve never seen a scooter with a horn before, so we’re excited they included it here. The weight capacity is also nice because it accommodates both kids and adults. It’s not foldable and thus not portable, so it being a little heavier was always a given. Still, we wish they could have done something with the 70 pounds to get it down just a little bit.

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