Saudio Smart Wi-Fi Bulb 4-Pack Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
95 Expert Rating

If you like what the Philips Hue Bulbs have to offer, but aren’t willing to dish out the dough for them, you should consider the Saudio Smart Wi-Fi Bulb 4-Pack. Not only does it offer much of the same smart home features, but also being LED RGB color changing bulbs compatible with more smart home devices than its competitor, not just Google Assistant. They’re certainly the best smart light bulbs on a budget.

Why We Like It – Saudio Smart Wi-Fi Bulb 4-pack Review

When on a tight budget, we recommend these smart bulbs—equipped with color temperature and brightness settings, with an emphasis on wide support of smart assistants and IFTTT.

  • Compatible with major voice assistants
  • Doesn’t require a hub
  • Free delivery
  • Lack of brand recognition


The Saudio Smart Wi-Fi Bulb 4-Pack gave off a wonderfully warm white light at 700 lumens—100 below Philips Hue White 4-Pack—that was never harsh on the eyes. That was its default setting, however. If it’s Christmas, you can switch its white hue to something more festive, similar to what the Peteme 4-Pack 60W can accomplish.

The MVP here is definitely smart assistant support. You can take advantage of voice controls through Amazon Alexa Google Home Assistant and Siri. With the added benefit of IFTTT, you can create some really complex scenarios.


The Saudio Smart Bulbs aren’t breaking new grounds with how they design they’re smart lights—but that didn’t matter to us. What mattered was how easy it was to install. You don’t have to perform any rituals; install the light bulb and it’ll become a discoverable device on your network. Use the Smart Life app to connect and you’re good to go. Everything from color temperature to lighting can be adjusted through the smart home app, no hub required for the A19 E26 bulbs to work.


What can really skyrocket these smart LED bulbs into the forefront is brand recognition. Considering what the Saudio Smart Light Bulbs offer, it’s what cripples it the most. If you toss that aside and look at it for what it is, they’re some of the best smart lighting for your budget. For only $38, you get 4 lights or $9.50 per bulb. That may sound steep at first, but that’s more than half of what you’d pay for a single TP-Link Kasa Tunable. For its performance, we easily gives the bulbs our mark of excellent value.

Saudio Smart Wi-Fi Bulb 4-pack Review Wrap Up

The Saudio Smart Wi-Fi Bulb 4-Pack wasn’t pulling any punches in our review. It was performing well within the standards of the best. If you can look past its unrecognizable name, you’ll get a quad-set of smart bulbs that don’t need a hub to work and is compatible with major voice assistants for $38, with free delivery.

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