Saris MTR Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If your Best Electric Bike happens to be carbon-made, you’ll want a Bike Rack for Electric Bikes that offers a no-contact design. Naturally, the Saris MTR comes to mind. Not only does it haul two bikes at once, it indeed has a no-contact design. It also comes with a complete security lock for extra theft prevention.

Why We Like It – Saris MTR

The Saris MTR isn’t just hauling your two favorite bikes but doing so in a way that doesn’t allow frame contact. No one likes a broken carbon frame. And its complete security lock system goes one step further.

  • 60 lbs allotted to each tray rack
  • Optional bike add-on expands capacity to four bikes
  • Complete security lock
  • Wobbles a fair bit
  • Limited to 2-inch bike hitch receivers

Durability & Build Quality

You’d think for $900, and you’d get all premium materials—but, sadly, that’s not the case. The Saris MTR uses a combination of aluminum and plastic. Even so, there’s a fair bit of wobble that you might not like, especially if your bike is heavier. Still, it handles up to 120 lbs just fine, giving you 60 lbs for each bike. The Thule EasyFold XT 2 holds a bit more, up to 130 lbs. For a no-wobble system that adds knobs for unprecedented tightness, try the Hollywood Sport Rider SE.


The Saris MTR gets bonus points for handling two bikes at a time, with an optional bike add-on to expand that to four bikes. Its versatility doesn’t change either, with a wide variety of compatibility with bikes. Its no-contact design also allows for carbon frames to be seated comfortably. Tire sizes range between 20 to 29-inches. And it doesn’t forget fat tires either, considering it handles tire width as wide as 5 inches.

Range & Battery

Bike racks generally don’t have battery-related features. The Saris MTR isn’t any different. Given its price, you’d think it did. It won’t charge your e-bike nor store them; in fact, remove any batteries from e-bikes before hauling.

Safety Features

The Saris MTR goes one step further with its ability to lock your bike down by not just locking your bike in place but also the bike rack. The wheel trays are accompanied by a wheel hold, which does most of keeping the rear wheel and front wheel in place. They’re molded to fit the wheels, which is nice, with velcro straps added after, whereas the Thule T2 Pro XT uses tougher plastic straps.


There are quite a few major points that hold the Saris MTR back. Dropping $900 on the Saris MTR, there’s an expectation of going ham at every corner, but the Saris MTR doesn’t. Load capacity? It performs as well as any bike rack half its price. Build quality? Its use of plastic isn’t charming. Furthermore, it’s limited to 2-inch hitch receivers. Its security lock is on point but doesn’t justify the price. You’ll get a better deal from the Hollywood Sport Rider.

Saris MTR Wrap Up

The Saris MTR is tough, there’s no doubt about that—but it’s far more expensive than it needs to be. Yes, it allows up to 60 lbs for each bike and complete security lock; however, that’s generally where good bike racks need to be. It’s not quite doing enough to justify its price.

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