SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Is A Portable Media Streamer


We don’t think much about the humble flash drive. It’s there, in our desk drawers, on our keyrings, socketed into our laptops, making life a little easier for the rest of us. SanDisk, however, would like you to buy a lot more flash drives, so they’re starting to get creative. Witness the “wireless” flash drive, designed to stream media.

You charge it, as you may have guessed, using USB. Once it’s charged, it’ll last about four hours. Then, you just look for it on your web browser, or use the app SanDisk has provided if you want to stream stuff on a mobile platform, and enjoy your media. It’ll take eight connections at once, or stream video to three different connections. You’ll also need a PC running Windows XP or OSX 10.6, or something running iOS 5 or Android 2.3 to access your files in a stream. Although if you’re running a PC with XP, you probably aren’t spending $60 on a flash drive that can stream media.

SanDisk is aiming this squarely at the “professional” market, with the idea being you wirelessly access your presentation. Then you take it home and keep your music on it. But let’s be honest; nobody wants their kids anywhere near their music collection.

It’s a neat idea, but for us, it does leave us with a few questions. The most basic is actually “Can we stream games from this thing?” This seems to be fairly ideal for loading a few games on and bringing with you to play a little local multiplayer, but we’re also not sure it’ll work since SanDisk is being stingy with the technical specifications. Obviously we’re not planning on running Crysis off this thing, but it’d be interesting to see what else you can do with it.


We’ll know August 20th; that’s when this hits the market.

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  1. There are some similar products but with more functions (power bank, wireless router, SD card/HDD reader). Such as the RAVPower Filehub, HooToo Tripmate, etc. Just wondering what SanDisk is gonna do to win the war.

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