Samsung's RFG299 Fridge Sports French Doors & A 7-inch LCD | Gadget Review

Samsung’s RFG299 Fridge Sports French Doors & A 7-inch LCD

An LCD display built-in to a fridge door is nothing new, but Samsung’s latest French door fridge, the RFG299 is boasting not only a 7″ LCD, but LED interior lighting and the largest capacity of its type. This is definitely the best french door refrigerator candidate.

The 7″ LCD touchscreen allows its owner to control the fridge’s temperature, monitor water filter use and access a variety of unorthodox features such as integrated calendars, schedules, photos, nutrition facts and unit conversions.

The 28.5′ cubic foot fridge is available now from Best Buy for $2,790 and comes in platinum, black, stainless steel and white.


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