Samsung's New CHG90 49" Super Ultrawide Monitor is the Largest Ever
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Samsung’s New CHG90 QLED Super Ultrawide 49″ Gaming Monitor is the Largest Ever

Ultrawide monitors: Samsung CHG90
This 49-inch monitor is the widest you can buy.

Is your idea of the best of the best computer monitor really, really big? Forget the normal ultrawides and stretched screens. Don’t even consider dual monitor setups. What you need is Samsung’s new $1,500 CHG90 QLED gaming monitor – which is literally the widest commercially produced model to hit stores thus far.

This incredible screen has a 32:9 aspect ratio – and no, that’s not a typo: it’s the same effect you would get from putting two 16:9 ultrawide screens together and pretending they were one monitor – except, of course, in this case the monitor is one long curve all the way through. That’s 49 total inches of screen width, all on one monitor. It’s no surprise that the model includes the ability to connect two different computers and show two different screens at the same time.

The monitor also includes the latest AMD FreeSync and HDR, but you’re probably curious about the display quality.

It’s provided via Samsung’s quantum dot technology, which is a newer technology Samsung developed to compete with OLED screens offered by competitors like LG.

Quantum dot tech: it doesn’t offer all the benefits of OLED – it can’t produce its own light, for example – but the colors are still significantly better than traditional screens, and it’s a very welcome upgrade when you have a lot of colorful content to experience.

Ultrawide monitors: Samsung CHG90 Ports

Curious about the ports? We’ve got that covered.

On that note, while this monitor may appeal to daytraders and some graphic designers, it’s primarily designed for gamers, as the name suggests. While there are always a few gamers who demand an ultrawide aspect ratio for the latest FPS, this style of monitor is particularly strong when it comes to driving or flying games, where the immersion is top notch.

Since people tend to sit closer to monitors, and this monitor is so wide, it really can feel like the entire screen is enveloping your point of view – or, with the dual computer setup, you and another gamer can play two different games on the same screen, which has all sorts of potential synergy.

Of course, this comes with the some downsides, too. With a screen so massive, you’re going to need a lot of space to properly set it up, which means many computer desks just won’t be up to the task – and you may not have as much room for your accessories. Additionally, a monitor so wide and so curved isn’t really the best option for other types of entertainment like movies, especially if you are watching as a group. However, for a dedicated gaming setup and fast-paced games, it may be just the monitor to put you in digital heaven.

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