What is the Samsung TV Warranty?

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Updated February 20, 2023

When perusing insurance plans, you may want to learn about Samsung TV warranties. When you purchase a new Samsung television, you also receive a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months for the appliance itself and any affiliated remote control. This warranty only covers issues pertaining to a manufacturing error, similar to a standard Apple iPhone warranty.


  • Samsung offers a one-year limited warranty on all new televisions and, well, just about everything they make.
  • This warranty only covers issues related to a manufacturing error at the plant and does not cover user damage or standard repair services and repair costs.
  • Consider a Samsung Care plan or third-party insurance for additional warranty coverage related to accidental damage and theft.

What Warranty Comes With a New Samsung TV?

Samsung televisions ship with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months, just like a PS5 warranty and warranties available for most items of consumer electronics. This limited warranty is not only time-sensitive (one year) but only covers manufacturing errors that present themselves during normal use, just like a Whirlpool appliances warranty. In other words, a standard Samsung TV warranty is non-transferable and does not cover accidental damage or theft, which is the same as a Simplehuman mirror warranty. You’ll also need to provide proof of purchase when you make a claim.

Insider Tip

Read the fine print, as you must enroll in many extended warranty plans within 90 days of purchasing the TV.

Tips to Extend Coverage

Just because Samsung’s TV warranty only lasts a year and just covers manufacturing errors, that does not mean you are out in the cold. There are many ways to both extend and beef up your coverage.

Samsung Care

Samsung has its own proprietary insurance and extended warranty offering, called Samsung Care or Samsung Care Plus (depending on the level of coverage.) This product is extremely similar to how AppleCare and related company-based insurance plans operate. You pay a set amount per month that varies depending on the TV itself and then enjoy extended coverage for your set. This coverage is not only extended but improved, covering accidental damage, theft, and more. This offer is available for any Samsung product, from TVs to smartphones and beyond.

Buy a Third-Party Plan

You are not automatically tied into Samsung’s ecosystem here, so feel free to try a third-party extended warranty or insurance plan. Companies like Akko, Asurion, Best Buy, and many more all offer plans that are similar, though not exactly like Samsung’s internal offerings. Shop around to find the best deal for the maximum amount of coverage.

STAT: All Samsung products are warranted against any workmanship and material defects for a specified, limited warranty period, depending on the product. (source)

Renters or Homeowners Insurance

In some cases, renters and homeowners insurance will cover big-ticket appliances in the home, and high-end smart TVs sometimes fit the bill. At the very least, renters insurance will cover theft, and homeowners insurance will cover damage related to natural disasters and the like. Some plans will cover both and even offer rudimentary coverage for accidental damage.

Samsung TV Warranty FAQs

How do I find my IMEI number?

You need your IMEI number to register the device with Samsung before claiming a limited warranty period for repair services. This number should be in the user manual, on the back of the TV, or online.

How do you check if your Samsung TV is still under warranty?

If your TV has been registered with Samsung, just cruise online to check the status of the limited warranty period. Otherwise, hold onto the receipt and compare the dates before attempting to instigate repair services during the limited warranty period.

How do you claim a Samsung TV warranty?

If you need to make a claim on a limited warranty for repair services, head to the company’s web portal, log in, and find your registered appliance to begin the process. These steps are further outlined in the user manual.
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