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In this Samsung TV review, we’ll be going over our #5 choice of the best tv monitors for gaming, the Samsung TU-8000! This HDR high definition TV supports a wide variety of connected devices, runs on the Tizen smart TV platform, and even has voice control through Alexa & Bixby!

Why We Like It – Samsung TU-8000

Experience crystal clear HDR content on the Samsung TU-8000 Crystal UHD TV. With excellent picture quality on a screen size of 55 inches, combined with a low power consumption & a boundless design, this smart TV is the perfect hub for all of your favorite compatible connected devices.

  • Has Built-In Alexa & Bixby Voice Control
  • Crystal Processor 4K Upscales Non-4k Content
  • Wall Mount Compatible
  • Limited Viewing Angle
  • Motion Rate 120 (60Hz Refresh Rate)


You can expect great things from the Samsung TU8000 because it has everything you will need. Crystal UHD display? Yes! HDR? Of course. Sadly it doesn’t have a 120Hz refresh rate, but the Motion Rate 120 should be satisfactory for most purposes. The ultra-fast Crystal Processor 4K makes even SD content worth watching because it automatically upscales everything to near-4K quality! The TU-8000 even has an Auto Game Mode, which minimizes input lag while improving the screen display for a smoother gaming experience.

Viewing Angle

Unfortunately, the viewing angles are not a strong point of this TV. The VA panel suffers from brightness loss at only 34 °, and black levels start to wash out around 19 °, which means this is definitely not a good TV for viewing the game with friends. That said it does offer excellent visual performance if you are right in front of it. VA panels generally don’t have good viewing angles, so if that is important to you, you should try a TV with an ultra-viewing angle like the Samsung Q80R TV.


The build quality is pretty good on this TV. Samsung has included two feet for the TV to stand on which don’t require any screws and simply slide into the TV. Unlike the highest-quality Samsung TVs, this TV will wobble a little bit, but overall the stand keeps it fairly secure. If you want to use the TV without stand legs, then there’s also the option of buying a VESA 200×200 wall mount. The black frame has thin bezels all around, which look sleek and don’t detract from the overall viewing experience.

Ports & Expandability

It will be very easy to add this TV to your current setup, thanks to its’ 3 HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports, composite input, and ethernet plug (if you want another HDMI port, check out the Sony X900H 85 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV!). It only has a digital audio output, but you can buy the TV plus a soundbar if you’re worried about poor performance from the internal speakers. Keep the remote control handy, because if you lose it then you’ll be limited to the single multi-purpose button underneath for controlling the TV.


You’ll find the Samsung TU-8000 to be far cheaper than comparably-sized models (like the Sony X950H) at only $477.99, although if you want to buy a soundbar with your TV, expect to add a little bit to the retail price. This TV has free delivery and returns through Amazon Prime. There are both 3-Year ($53.99) and 4-Year ($68.99) protection plans available, but you don’t get a warranty with your purchase. Most people seem to have a problem-free experience though because the TU-8000 scores a 4.7 out of 5-stars based on 11,240 Amazon reviews.

Samsung TU-8000 Review Wrap Up

It’s not the best performing TV around, but at less than $500, it’s hard to find a quality TV like the TU-8000. While a better viewing angle with an extra HDMI input would have been nice additions to the set, we can’t complain considering the price & overall picture quality. If you’re looking for a dedicated TV for your gaming room, then you’ll definitely be able to appreciate the TU-8000!

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