slim fry microwave

The big question: Do you get the best air fryer or a new microwave? Fried foods are so delicious but soooo bad for you! If you’re normally a healthy eater then indulging in a few fried foods might give you a major guilt trip, but we don’t blame you for wanting to give your taste buds some excitement rather than always tasting rabbit food all the time. The people over at Samsung obviously had this dilemma with fried foods and thought up their new Slim Fry Microwave s(about $460) that permits guilt-free enjoyment of fried foods you love. So instead of the need for a deep flyer or a skillet, the microwave will automatically cook food that is crisp on the outside and flavorful inside (with no additional oil) thanks to a function that combines a grill with warm air circulation. Sensors and smart features on this microwave assist intelligent cooking for a healthy you. What other Microwave Features to Look For?

So once the frying is done, you you can easily cook fresh vegetables, seafood, pasta and more.  Throw in the best pasta maker, and you’ll have delicious home cooked meals with little hassle. The unique microwave also features a Smart Moisture Sensor that can determine interior air humidity for natural texture and original taste of ingredients – all at the simple bush of a button! It comes with 12 pre-programmed recipes for added convince and you can literally cook anything and everything in it, with the result always being delicious food. The 900-Watt Slim Fry Microwave not only functions well, but also looks good with its sleek, premium design that seamlessly fits any modern kitchen decor. It has a transparent black Crystal Gloss handle and dial and an ice blue display that brightly illuminates the settings and clock that combines for a beautiful exterior.

slim fry microwave

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