Samsung RU7100 Review

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Updated December 22, 2022
90 Expert Rating

For the best-sounding TV on the market, give the Samsung Series 7 RU7100 another look. It has good built-in speakers compared to other flat-screen 55-inch TVs. And it keeps your living room tidy with a built-in cable management system.

Why We Like It – Samsung RU7100

The Samsung Series 7 RU7100 has gorgeous 4K Ultra HD pictures with millions of shades that run the full-color gamut. It’s one of the best TVs for sound quality, with excellent audio even without external speakers. And it’s pretty easy to wall mount.

  • Overall very user-friendly
  • Budget-friendly 4K UHD TV
  • Cable management system
  • Samsung customer service isn’t the best
  • Wifi connectivity issues
  • Built-in advertisements


The Samsung Series 7 RU7100 has a 4K UHD TV processor that optimizes picture quality and supports upscaling. Samsung PurColor technology makes the picture more life-like, and its excellent HDR performance (not Dolby Vision) makes the color pop. It has a motion rate of 120, perfect for gaming with little input lag, and has easy-to-use game mode and picture quality settings. Compare it to another TV review: the Samsung Q80R.

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The Samsung RU7100 has some of the best sound quality compared to other flat-screen TVs on the market. However, many Amazon reviewers still purchased an external soundbar for the best sound quality. If you’re looking for a better, more cinematic sound, check out the LG CX OLED.

Smart Features

A great addition to any smart home, this Samsung Smart TV is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices. The Universal Guide is a great feature: it connects your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other streaming services into one convenient list of TV shows and movies. It has wifi built-in, as well as an ethernet port for easy internet setup. Some Amazon reviewers found the Samsung OneRemote was small and hard to use, but the on-screen smart features were fairly user-friendly. Additionally, a lot of people found controlling the central hub for streaming apps on the Sharp LC-70UE30U 4K UHD TV to be easy and user-friendly as well.

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With 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, the Samsung RU7100 has fairly good connectivity. It also supports Bluetooth audio devices. One issue Amazon reviewers noted is that the built-in wifi cuts out when the TV is turned off and then back on.


At $750, Samsung Series 7 RU7100 is hundreds of dollars cheaper than many other smart 4K TVs, like the LG OLED E9. It doesn’t necessarily require an entire external stereo system, which is savings in itself. But Amazon reviews note that Samsung’s customer service isn’t the best, so keep that in mind.

Samsung Series 7 RU7100 Wrap Up

The Samsung Series 7 RU7100 has a great picture that’s great for gaming. The built-in speakers provide fairly good sound, but they can be a little too quiet. Otherwise, if you need a fairly basic TV that has great 4K picture quality, then this Samsung TV is great for you.

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