Samsung Q7F Review

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Updated January 18, 2023
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Your viewing experience will be better than ever before with the Samsung Q7F QLED TV, as it provides you with an Ultra HD screen with excellent color reproduction and great picture quality. Having varying sizes from 55” to 65” to 75”, this Q7 QLED TV needs only one wire connected directly to the TV, unlike last year, making it much less cluttered and hassle-free. Standing out as most likely the best 4K TV out in the market, it also has a 240Hz refresh rate and features Freesync technology, making it a great fit for gamers. In this Samsung Q7F review, we see how those features make this Samsung QLED TV an amazing smart TV. In fact, it’s one of the best TVs you can purchase.

Why We Like It – Samsung Q7F

Taking you deeper into the realm of 4K TVs, in this TV review, we bring you the newest model in Samsungs’ Q7F lineup. Having a native contrast ratio of 5607: 1 and a wide color gamut, this Samsung QLED TV allows you to experience an excellent, surreal viewing experience. And so, with amazing picture quality, local dimming features, and also a wide selection of apps, the Samsung Q7FN is indeed one of the best QLED TVs out on the market right now. For gamers, you can also read our Samsung Q70R review, which has a high refresh rate as well.

  • Amazing Picture Quality
  • Wide colour gamut
  • Low input lag
  • Being a QLED TV it falls behind its OLED TV counterparts
  • Viewing angles aren’t that good


What makes it an even better choice for gaming is that the Samsung Q7FN has the capability to adjust the backlight flicker frequency to 60Hz, reducing the persistence blur and thus greatly improving the clarity of fast-moving games. However, it isn’t only limited to gaming. It has a 3840 x 2160 resolution and is able to produce a uniform peak brightness level of 805 cd/m2. Paired with plenty of choices when it comes to streaming apps, thanks to the Samsung Smart Hub platform, the Q7FN is great for watching TV shows or movies, as well as other HDR content. You can compare it to different brands offering with our OLED55B8PUA review by LG. You can check out how a model that uses the Fire TV OS compares with our Toshiba 50-inch TV review.

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The TV also features local dimming, and although limited, does not prevent the TV from having great picture quality in bright rooms. It does, however, cause the TV to have a bad viewing angle. Although the sound quality isn’t as good as that of the Sony XBR-A1E, especially when it comes to the bass, it is good enough for watching TV Shows and Movies.


The Samsung Q7F comes with a sleek metal stand with a good overall design that also allows you to mount the device if you want to. Having a mess of wires around the TV is no longer an issue as the TV only contains one single port. The single port is used to connect the Samsung Q7F to its one connect box, which is then used to power the TV whilst also allowing you to connect any other devices to it. Ranging from 3 USB connectors to 4 HDMI ports, the Q7F also contains an ethernet port. However, you need not worry as it also supports WIFI making connectivity easier than ever. For a TV that can double as artwork while you aren’t watching your shows or movies, read our Samsung Frame 43 review.

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As for the remote, which comes in a simple yet elegant design, it features voice control which you can use to easily navigate through the different apps in the platform. If you’re someone who prefers something more simple(without the apps) and more budget-friendly, the Sony XBR65X900F is an Ultra HD 4K TV worth checking out. Additionally, you can check out what TCL has to offer in QLED options with our TCL 8 Series review.


Having quite a number of features, including HDR and motion interpolation technology, the Samsung Q7F has its own share of benefits. While its image quality isn’t as good as that of the Sony XBR-A1E, and the price isn’t as budget-friendly as the TCL 55R617, the Samsung Q7F is almost in the perfect balance between price and performance. Thus providing an exceptionally large color volume with great picture quality as well as the capability to adjust to the need of gamers with its game mode and low input lag, it is worth the price and a great pick for those who cherish a great viewing experience. For another great Samsung option, you can read our Samsung 50-inch class crystal UHD TU-8000 review.

Samsung Q7F Wrap Up

With a price tag of around $3300, the Samsung Q7F is one of the best TVs available; however, it doesn’t surpass its competitors like the LG OLED 65C9PLA with its Dolby vision. It doesn’t actually have that great a viewing angle, while its local dimming capabilities are limited. However, with an exceptional peak brightness and an excellent wide color gamut, it stands out as a great choice for anyone looking for good TV. It isn’t as expensive as some other TVs when it comes to the price, but it does, however, almost keep up with them when it comes to performance. Thus, for anyone looking to get a great upgrade in their viewing experience without reaching too deep into their pockets, this is a perfect choice.

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