Samsung Notebook 9 Laptops Hit American Stores

Ultrabooks, notebooks and their ilk have a reputation for being lightweight but comparatively weak laptops…a reputation that’s been changing for the last couple years. Today’s super-light laptops are just as travel friendly but now have a whole host of impressive specs that allows them to compete against traditional laptops and even some PCs more directly. Nothing exemplifies this trend as much as Samsung’s latest Notebook 9 offerings, which have hit American online stores and are a contend for the top ultrabooks 2019.

The Notebook 9 comes in two distinct flavors – 13-inch and 15-inch screens, with a choice between Intel Core 9i7 and i5 processors. Both laptops weigh only 2-3 pounds depending on the hardware you pick, but those pounds contain impressive stats like a 256GB SSD for storage and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Notebook 9 types
The Notebook 9 has a slim design reminiscent of Dell ultrabooks.

That’s enough power to deal with most tasks at work or at school. Unless you are running some demanding engineering software or like to have a few dozen tabs open at once, these Notebooks can probably handle it. The design is also pleasantly minimalistic, almost Dell-like with a tiny bezel and narrow body that will fit easily inside even a crowded case.

Really, the only place that these laptops fall short is when it comes to the display, which is only 1080p with a shared graphics coprocessor, and without any touchscreen capabilities. This makes the Notebook 9 more difficult to compare against, say, a MacBook, Chromebook Pixel, or Surface Book, which have more upgrades available in this area – and are also some of the best ultrabooks 2017.

However, it’s easy to see why Samsung made this decision: It lets them drop the price into more competitive zones, with the 13-inch starting at $1,000 and the 15-inch starting at $1,200. If you want to grab one of these computers, you’d better act fast, because inventory appears to be running out even now. For more information on these lighweight laptops and their competition, check out our best ultrabok reviews 2018.

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  1. I have the 15″ model. If, like me, you’re tired of the limited real estate on a 13″ screen ultrabook..this is the machine you want. Impossibly light and thin for a 15″ screen. Probably the lightest 15″ laptop currently available. Plus, a narrow screen bezel makes the outside dimensions equivalent to most 13″ laptops. No more weight or size penalty for a 15″ screen laptop. And if you do much typing, the keyboard is the best ultrabook keyboard I’ve ever used.
    Screen is brilliant and bright enough to be readable outdoors – something which a key feature for me. The 15″ has a microSD slot rather than a standard SD slot, which I prefer. I’ve purchased an ultraslim Sandisk 128gb 3.0 USB thumbdrive and a 128gb microSD card to double native storage from 256gb to 512gb. Something else the 15″ model has over the 13″ model is a USB type-C slot and an Intel I-7 processor. So, the bigger screen, quick charge capability, microSD slot, longer battery life, faster processor, Type-C USB port are some of the reasons I went for the 15″ model. The only thing the 13″ has that the 15″ doesn’t is a backlit keyboard. I’m a touch typist so that wasn’t a feature I need or even want.

  2. I am sure a plus version will come out. I have an ativ book 8 plus with almost the very same specs and design along with touch screen, illuminated keyboard and ultra hd display, and it’s been on the market for 2 years already.

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