What is the Samsung New Phone Warranty?

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Updated February 15, 2023

When perusing mobile insurance plans, you may want to learn about Samsung’s new phone warranties. When you purchase a new Samsung smartphone, you also receive a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months for the phone and battery, with a six-month warranty for the charger and the headset. This warranty only covers issues pertaining to a manufacturing error, similar to a standard Xbox warranty.


  • Samsung offers a 12-month manufacturer warranty period with each new smartphone purchase, with a six-month warranty applied to the charger.
  • This warranty covers issues related to manufacturing defects and does not cover accidental damage or issue replacement devices in the case of theft. After the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty, you won’t be covered.
  • For accidental damage and theft coverage, go with Samsung’s in-house insurance plan or choose a third-party device warranty plan.

What Warranty Comes With a New Samsung Smartphone?

Samsung smartphones ship with a standard limited warranty that covers issues pertaining to manufacturing defects, just like a Fitbit warranty. This warranty lasts an entire year but only covers the phone itself and the internal battery. The charger and headset only get six months of the same manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, third-party accessories are not covered by this manufacturer’s warranty, just like when you are performing Dell warranty checks.

Insider Tip

Some phone providers will simply let you trade your phone in for a new model every year.

Tips to Extend Coverage

Ideally, you want your smartphone to last much longer than a year, and you want to protect it from issues above and beyond simple manufacturing errors. You have a few options when considering this type of extended coverage.

Samsung Plans

Samsung’s proprietary insurance and extended warranty offering are called Samsung Care Plus, and it operates similarly to AppleCare+. You pay a small monthly fee or a batch payment for a year upfront, and the coverage extends to include not only manufacturing errors but also accidental damage and even theft. These plans cost around $9 per month, but it varies depending on the model of your phone, as more expensive models cost more to insure. Additionally, Samsung offers these plans to its entire product line, including smartwatches, displays, TVs, and more.

Third-Party Plans

If Samsung’s plan doesn’t set your heart on fire, use a third party to extend the warranty and insurance coverage. You have many companies to choose from here, from old insurance stalwarts like Progressive and Geico to new upstarts like Akko and Asurion. Read the fine print, memorize the details, and choose a plan based on your personal needs. Sometimes you can get deals if you purchase a full year upfront.

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Go With Your Provider

Your provider also offers their own extended coverage plans, so look into that before making a final decision.

Samsung Warranty FAQs

What is Samsung Care Plus?

This is Samsung’s proprietary insurance and warranty offering that will cover accidental damage, theft, and other issues. This goes far beyond the original warranty and extends past the original manufacture warranty period.

How do I enroll in Care Plus?

You can enroll in the program directly from the Samsung app on your phone or even the settings page, depending on your OS and the phone itself.

Can I cancel Care Plus?

Yes, you can cancel the service before the manufacturer warranty period ends so long as you are not tied into a contract of a many months warranty that extends well beyond a 90-day warranty.
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