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The Samsung MS19M8000AS/AA microwave is a compact yet stylish stainless steel variant that boasts up to 1.9 cubic feet in internal capacity and has a cooking power of about 950 watts. It’s also very easy to use, weighs about 43 pounds, and comes with various cooking presets, making it a lot faster to have your food prepared even when you’re not too sure about what power settings and timings to input. The microwave oven also features a ceramic enamel interior that keeps it very easy to clean and maintain. Is this enough to make it one of the Best Microwaves? Read on and find out.

Why We Like It – Samsung MS19M8000AS/AA

The Samsung MS19M8000AS/AA doesn’t have that much going on with it, but if you’ve also got pretty simple needs, then it could be the right microwave for you. The fingerprint resistant black stainless steel microwave features a ceramic enamel interior for easy cleaning, a variety of preset cooking options, and a 1 year manufacturer backed warranty.

  • Large 1.9 cubic feet capacity
  • Fingerprint resistant black stainless steel
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • No Quickstart cooking

Power & Performance

The model MS19M8000AS/AA Samsung microwave may not compare favorably to the steel stainless NN-SN67KS Panasonic Microwave Oven 1200 Watts power output. Still, at a 1.9 capacity cu feet, it’ll allow you to prepare a lot of larger meals than the Panasonic microwave will be able to. This makes it perfect for a small family kitchen. The Samsung countertop microwave also comes fitted with sensor cooking technology, where it’ll be able to automatically configure cooking time so that you get the best results.


A 1 year manufacturer’s warranty backs this Samsung MS19M8000AS AA countertop microwave oven, so if you experience any problems with it within the first year of purchase, feel free to contact the Samsung customer care center to raise your concerns. The microwave has also got a stellar build quality, and its stainless steel body helps prevent microwave energy from leaking out, hence keeping you and your family safe.

Ease of Use

The control panel layout on this Samsung stainless steel countertop microwave looks a lot sleeker than that on the NN-SN686 Panasonic Microwave 1200w, but both panels are easy to figure out, and both have a 4 digit LCD. Also, those of you who may not enjoy having to figure out how exactly your meal needs to be prepared will benefit immensely from the cooking presets that this and other modern countertop microwaves already come built-in with so that you won’t have to bother too much about how to prepare your favorite meals.

Additional Features & Versatility

One iconic function that’s certainly worth highlighting about this Samsung 1.9 cu ft countertop microwave is its auto defrost feature, where you’re able to preset specific times and temperatures to defrost certain foods. This helps you save time in the kitchen and get a lot more done in a shorter period. For those of you who enjoy looking at your food while it’s cooking, the Panasonic Countertop Microwave comes with an excellent interior light as well.


Anyone whose environmentally conscious will be glad to find out that this large capacity countertop microwave from Samsung allows you to reduce how much energy it consumes by activating Eco mode. This mode saves energy by turning off the display when not in use, and interestingly enough, it’s not a feature that you’ll find on the Samsung MG14H3020CM.

Samsung MS19M8000AS/AA Wrap Up

If you don’t want to have your microwave sitting on a countertop, you can also opt to install it into your kitchen wall by getting a compatible trim kit. It’s not included as an optional purchase on the Samsung com website, but if you head over to Amazon, you should be able to buy it together with the microwave.

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