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With its sleek, shiny mirror design, the Samsung MG14H3020CM stainless steel microwave oven manages to capture many people’s attention, only to later impress them with the wide range of superb features that it’s got packed under the hood. Is it the best Samsung microwave yet? Well, if you’re zoned in on mid-range options and don’t have a lot of money to spend, it could be, but if you have a lot more spare change, there are many premium picks that might be well worth considering. Still, the microwave holds well in front of the Best Microwaves competition and has a couple of unique and impressive features that might win you over.

Why We Like It – Samsung MG14h3020cm

The Samsung MG143020CM is nothing short of a head-turner with its elegant black mirror finish. This microwave features a ceramic plate that’s more scratch-resistant than stainless steel and therefore easier to clean, and it’s also got ten cooking power levels that allow you to prepare your food exactly the way you want to.

  • Grilling element for preparing crispy foods
  • 10 Power levels
  • Scratch resistant & easy to clean ceramic plate
  • No mute button

Power & Performance

The MG14H3020CMM Samsung microwave is only 50 Watts short of the 1000 Watt mark, where it could’ve been at par with the Sharp R-21LCFS Commercial Microwave in terms of power capacity. Still, it remains a pretty capable microwave, as 950 watts allows you to cook pretty much anything. The microwave got about ten power levels and relies on a triple distribution system where it’s got two additional antennas and the single aperture antenna that most conventional microwaves are equipped with. The Sharp R21LCFS medium duty commercial microwave has a power output of about 1000 Watts.


Most modern microwaves from Samsung have a magnetron backed by a 10-year warranty, which shows you how confident they are about their product. For those who don’t know, the magnetron is the element that creates the electromagnetic waves that work to heat your food. The microwave itself has a 1 year warranty, and this is on both labor and parts, so feel free to contact customer care if you come across problems in your first year of use. Inside this Samsung countertop microwave is a ceramic enamel interior that is easier to clean and more scratch-resistant than stainless steel.

Ease of Use

The control panel on this Samsung countertop microwave might be packed with various touch key controls, but they’re all well labeled so that you’re not clueless on which button does what. There are up to 12 different auto cook options on this microwave, and these are three more than what you’ll get with the Samsung MC12J8035CT microwave.

Added Features & Versatility

Arguably, the unique aspect of the Samsung MG14H3020CM microwave is its grilling element. The microwave can properly crisp or brown your food, making it ideal for preparing pizza or when you want to enjoy an evenly cooked meal. Its grill also allows you to leave the door open when in use, which you won’t be able to do with the Samsung Samsung – 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave – Stainless steel.


The Samsung MG14H3020CM grill microwave is one appliance that you should expect to use for a very long time before you start experiencing any problems with it. The microwave also has an auto defrost feature that allows you to defrost your food either by weight or time. With a child safety lock, you’ll never have to worry about your young ones messing around with it and accidentally turning it on.

Samsung MG14h3020cm Wrap Up

The MG14H3020CM Samsung microwave makes it possible for you to handle your food in a wide range of different ways. With an interior capacity of 1.4 cubic feet, we would recommend getting it if you have a small family. Some of the people who bought it from Amazon left product reviews in praise of the microwave grill, so if you would like to get to understand what exactly it’s like, hop on over to the website and see if you’ll be convinced to make a purchase.

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