Samsung ME21R7051SS Microwave Oven Review

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Updated August 15, 2022
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The Samsung ME21R7051SS over-the-range microwave is a decent-sized, 2.1 cubic feet capacity microwave that’s capable of handling a wide variety of foods and one that won’t also take up too much space on your countertop. Like most over-the-range microwaves, the ME21R7051SS microwave oven has a lighting system, as well as a vent fan to do away with the steam produced from your cooktop.

Whether or not it’s one of the best microwaves or not depends on your budget, but if you’re looking for something great for preparing food for the whole family, has sensor cooking, and is also easy to use, the ME21R7051SS is a great pick.

Why We Like It – Samsung ME21R7051SS Microwave Oven

The Samsung ME21R7051SS Microwave Oven is perfect for anyone looking to have a simple yet elegant over-the-range black stainless steel microwave that’s got an advanced ventilation system, sensor cooking capabilities, and a stunning design that’ll have it looking great in any modern kitchen.

  • 10 power levels
  • Large 2.1 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • 1000 Watt power output
  • No mute button

Power & Performance

The stainless steel ME21R7051SS Samsung microwave has a power capacity of about 1000 Watts, and this is enough to have you prepare a lot of your favorite meals and in large quantities as well. This is a similar output compared to what you’ll get with the Samsung MG11H2020CT, but the one significant difference between the two is capacity, with the MG11H2020CT being a whole cubic foot more petite than the ME21R7051SS microwave. Aside from that, both microwaves have the sensor cook feature, where your food gets cooked automatically depending on the amount of moisture present.


Making sure that this Samsung Microwave always has a clean interior is very easy to do because the microwave features a ceramic enamel interior, which doesn’t easily scratch and keeps the inside looking nice and new. The enamel interior is something that you’ll find with most modern or new Samsung microwaves, including the Samsung MC12J8035CT. The fingerprint resistant stainless steel body of this microwave is also straightforward to clean, and with a 1 year warranty in tow, it’s doubtful that you’ll come across problems as soon as you start using this microwave. For another durable model, check out our review of the Sharp Over-the-Range convection microwave.

Ease of Use

The touch key panel on this stainless steel fingerprint resistant Samsung microwave is very much easy to navigate. Like most Samsung kitchen appliances, the microwave has well labeled controls, a Numpad, and a blue-lit LED display that’s great for visibility. There’s also a vent fan control for you to decide how fast you need to have the ventilation system working and a light just between it to illuminate whatever you may be doing on your cooktop.

The Samsung Microwave ME19R7041FS microwave or the Samsung ME19R7041FG OTR, on the other hand, makes it the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to have a microwave that will suit all the needs of a large family or anyone who doesn’t have enough space on their countertop.

Added Features & Versatility

The Samsung ME21R7051SS allows you to defrost your frozen foodstuffs by either weight or time, so if you only know how much your food weighs, the microwave will be able to calculate how much cooking power is needed to defrost it. Speaking of power, this Samsung microwave has got up to 10 different power levels, but what would’ve made it better is if it came with a grilling element like the Samsung MC12J8035CT.


To make the most efficient use of energy, the ME21R7051SS microwave features an eco mode that you can activate to have it switch off the LED display. Also worth mentioning is the fact that you’ll be able to have the microwave start on any quick 30-minute setting so that you’ll be able to whip up a quick meal whenever you’re in a hurry, just as you would with the Samsung – 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave – Stainless steel.

Samsung ME21R7051SS Microwave Oven Wrap Up

Most Samsung microwave ovens tend to only be available in one color option, and the ME21R7051SS is no exception. Also, you will need to purchase additional materials to install it on top of your cooktop, though if you shop for the microwave on Amazon, you can buy them both as a bundle.

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