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Samsung MC12J8035CT 1.2 cu ft Review

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Updated July 14, 2021
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Convection cooking isn’t a feature that many countertops or over the range microwaves come with. Still, if you have a relatively small kitchen, you might want to think about saving your space by getting a microwave that’s got that feature built-in. The Samsung model MC12J8035CT is one such microwave, and with it, you won’t need to have a separate oven to roast your chicken or even bake a cake. This is one stand-out feature of the countertop microwave, but it’s not the only one you need to note. Go ahead and get to the end of this review to see why the Samsung MC12J8035 microwave oven could be one of the Best Microwaves ovens for you and how it fares compared to other microwaves in the market.

Why We Like It – Samsung MC12J8035CT 1.2 cu ft

The Samsung MC12J8035CT, 1.2 cu ft microwave, is a spectacular microwave in many ways. It features Power convection technology for more evened out cooking, slim fry technology to use less fat, and a grilling element that’s perfect for roasting chicken or making pizza.

  • Uses Power convection technology for more evened out cooking
  • Uses Slim Fry technology to use less fat when cooking
  • Eco mode for energy efficiency
  • Slightly expensive

Power & Performance

The MC12J8035CT Samsung microwave is pretty powerful. It has a maximum power capacity of up to1600 Watts, making it more capable of cooking your food a lot faster than the 1000 Watt Farberware Black FMO10AHDBKC microwave. The extra firepower is for its PowerGrill Duo grill function, which has a direct grilling element and provides a crispy finish on the outside without drying the inside of your food.


The ceramic enamel interior that you’ll find on this and other Samsung countertop microwaves continues to be a trademark feature that the brand includes in most of their modern releases, and this is important because it’s easier to clean and still has the microwave’s 1.2 cu ft interior looking spick and span even after years of use. The microwave’s stainless steel body is also fingerprint resistant, so you shouldn’t expect to leave marks after handling it. Also, as a quality Samsung product, the MC12J8035CT does come backed with a 1 year warranty, and on top of that, its magnetron is supported by a 10 year warranty policy. This shows the amount of confidence that the manufacturer has got on the product.

Ease of Use

The Samsung MC12J8035CT convection microwave is an easy microwave to figure out how to use. It might have more features than the BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Microwave Oven, but its control panel is pretty straightforward, and its drop-down door design is a unique touch that some may find preferable to the swinging microwave door. The glass touch controls on it are organized horizontally instead of vertically like on any other countertop microwave. Its icy blue LED display is a welcome variation to the green-lit display that we’ll find on most microwaves.

Added Features & Versatility

The Samsung MC12J8035CT 1.2 cu ft capacity convection oven has many features that make it worth its six hundred dollar price tag. Aside from its Power convection technology, it also features breakthrough Slim fry technology, where it uses significantly less fat and browns food from the outside without drying inside. There’s also its auto cook feature, which utilizes sensor technology to determine the humidity levels of your food and apply the right amount of cooking power to get your food ready. Check out the Samsung MS19M8000AS/AA for its auto defrost feature, where you’re able to preset specific times and temperatures to defrost certain foods.


The Samsung MC12J8035CT microwave shares a couple of convenient features with the Toshiba EC042A5C-SS Microwave. These include a sound off button when you don’t want the microwave to make beep sounds and a child safety lock that’s great for whenever you don’t want your kids messing around with it. To keep energy consumption regulated, this Samsung microwave also features an eco mode, where the LED screen gets shut off whenever it’s not in use.

Samsung MC12J8035CT 1.2 cu ft Wrap Up.

Only available in a black stainless steel finish, the Samsung MC12J8035CT is a sleek, multipurpose kitchen appliance that’s great for day to day use and is large enough to cook enough food for a small to mid-sized family to consume.

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