Samsung Galaxy Tab Leather Notebook Case Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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Samsung Galaxy Tab Leather Notebook Case

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A formidable question is whether standard or even the best Android tablets really need cases. Many people and companies seem to think so, both for protecting the screen and device altogether, as well as possibly making the device more stylish and/or more comfortable to hold. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab, users can opt to put down $50 for a hard leather case, or carry it around free and naked.

I prefer the former.

Samsung’s Leather Notebook Case for the Galaxy Tab is an excellent accessory to the device for a few very important reasons. First, it gives users peace of mind when throwing the Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet Black into a book-bag or tossing on the couch. This could be said about any tablet case, but the Notebook Case’s hard shell adds enough weight to the Galaxy Tab to make it feel even more solid, without bulking the handheld excessively. And in case you’re looking for a tablet that is a practical replacement to a laptop, then the Samsung Series 7 Slate PC is your answer.

Leather Notebook Case Open

More importantly and impressively, carrying the Galaxy Tab with the Leather Notebook Case is far more comfortable than without it. This isn’t only because both sides are closed, so users can hold the tablet as they see fit without worrying about smudging the screen. No, the actual feel and texture of the case is made specifically for grip. I’ve held it for over an hour and it never once got too uncomfortable to hold. The light weight of the Galaxy Tab and the sturdiness of the case combine into an excellent handheld to hold, even for long periods. So, if you plan on purchasing a powerful tablet and a suitable cover to match the device, start by reading the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Tablet Review.

The Galaxy Tab locks into place gently on all four corners, and is easy to take out and put into the case. One oddity is that the flap opens from left to right, which is interestingly more comfortable when holding the device in the right hand. The felt surface keeps the screen safe while also sticking to the screen ever so slightly, keeping it in place so the flap doesn’t open in a bag.

Leather Notebook Case Back

There is only one discrepancy with the Notebook Case, that a cutout is available for the rear camera but there is no way to comfortably take pictures with the case on. Opening the flap and wrapping it around the Galaxy Tab blocks the camera, and leaving it half-open makes it less stable, and not suitable for taking pictures. It would have been better if the back of the case were completely closed off to also protect the camera.

As a standalone accessory, the Galaxy Tablet Leather Notebook Case is definitely worth getting, even if you don’t find carrying your Galaxy Tab around without protection uncomfortable. The case itself makes holding the tablet comfortable, and protects it simultaneously. The case doesn’t play well with other Galaxy Tab accessories, but it’s also very easy to remove the Tab. The price may be a bit high, but you won’t complain after putting it on your Tab and trying it out for even a few minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Notebook Leather Case can be purchased from Samsung Direct.

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