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Samsung Galaxy NX: A Proper Android-Powered Camera


Samsung will slap the Galaxy name on pretty much anything with a radio that can find a cellular signal, which has led to some odd choices on the part of the company. Take, for example, the Galaxy Camera, a tiny but expensive point-and-shoot that had some good ideas but wasn’t really for pros. Samsung is hoping to change that with the Galaxy NX. qF4cXpwnoMuJJAg0jtga6VVrQEe_jjxUj3Av2VaVAIs

Once again it’s a cell phone crammed into a camera: It runs Android and can download apps and tools, meaning that in theory you could shoot a photo and start using Photoshop Touch right away to clean it up, trim it, and get it posted. It’ll use 3G or 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and it’s got both a 1.6GHz Pega-Q quad-core setup to run the Android back end and a processor just for shooting images. It can shoot up to 8.6 frames per second and has a shutter speed of 1/6,000th of a second.

As for the lenses, it’s compatible with Samsung’s NX range, obviously, so you’ll have a choice of thirteen or shelling out for an adapter, which isn’t ideal. Also less than ideal is the sensor; it’s APS-C sized and twenty megapixels, which, yes, is a lot of pixels, but that’s the problem: Beyond a certain point, the more pixels are crammed onto a sensor the more noise you get in an image. So we’ll need to see some real world shots just to get a sense of how this camera performs. The lack of video features is also a bit odd.


Also up in the air is the availability and price, although considering the Galaxy Camera is $500, you can expect the NX to run at least $100 to $200 more, about in line with low-level DSLRs. It arrives in the UK this summer and the US hopefully sometime this year.

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