Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Flexible Display Debunked and Other Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Flexible display’s are the tech worlds new touch screen. It’s sought-after technology that everyone is waiting to see. Well if reports are to be believed, we will all be waiting a wee bit longer to see a competent flexible display working on a high end device. For several months now, rumors have been swirling about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 utilizing the company’s new Youm flexible display tech. Well today’s reports are showing Youm will not be available for production in time for the Galaxy Note 3 to meet is launch date, supposedly in the 2nd half of 2013.

So Samsung has opted for an OLED display over a boring LCD window. That also kills another rumor that the device would get the Sharp IGZO display. That’s two down in a one day. Gottabemobile speculates even further, the new Note 3 could be offered in a larger capacity 32GB version. The sight Samsung Galaxy S4 customers disgruntled by the limited 16GB max storage capacity as a point of pressure that could push the company to offer a wider range of storage options.

The Galaxy Note 3 will be successor to the company stellar Note 2 device with it’s massive display. Yet the inbound Note 3 is rumored to feature and even larger display at roughly 6-massive inches. Read our full review of the Galaxy Note 2.

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