Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Is Big But Smaller Than It Looks


Smartphones are getting bigger as screen sizes expand and as customers begin using their phones for more purposes. And the Galaxy Grand 2 seems to offer a lot of real estate: It’s got a 5.25 inch screen. But what else does it have going for it? Hopefully a low price, because there are better phones out there.

All Hat, No Cattle

To be honest, not very much. First of all, the big screen is only impressive until you get a load of the pixel count; 178 ppi, or 1280 by 720 pixels. Considering that Samsung itself sells a big phone, the Galaxy Note 3, with more than double that pixel density, that’s kind of disappointing. And, to be honest, there’s not a lot else to be excited about under that screen.

Dual SIMs, Little Else

First of all, Samsung is more or less making it clear this is a budget phone by including dual SIM slots, generally a marker of a phone intended for international markets more than the US. Similarly, the total lack of LTE marks this as a budget phone. And the specs back that up: 8GB storage, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, and an 8-megapixel rear camera round out the phone.

Big Size, Tiny Price?


True, there are going to be better phones available in the US. In fact, there are better phones available from Samsung itself. But it’s always nice to have another budget option on the table, especially with more and more phones coming out and networks shifting to pay as you go. And the large screen does at least have the advantage of real estate. Still, we’re going to want to see a price on this before we know whether or not it’s worth anybody picking it up, and that won’t be coming until early next year. But hey, if you’re cheap and need a big phone, at least there’s one coming.

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  1. @ale…..well…..1280×720 is acually set at about 285ppi on a device with such a screen….294ppi on 5″ display and 265ppi on 5.5″ displays.

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