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samsung galaxy buds review

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review

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Overall, Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are a great high-end choice, well worth the price, they deliver balanced sound and great battery life. However, buyers should note their shortcomings, such as discomfort during extended use and a passive soundstage.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 (Wireless Charging Case Included), Black – US Version
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our Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Truly Wireless earbuds present a balanced sound profile, as the bass gives a low kick and rumble while the highs come through clear without harshness, although the soundstage is quite passive.

They impress with an extended 13.5-hour battery life, ideal for commuting and travel, but they have no ANC feature, which won’t block outside noise. The earbuds face some connection issues, given they run on the older Bluetooth 4.2. The touch-sensitive controls, while convenient, can be finicky and register accidental commands.

Also, Samsung’s companion app offers customization options for touchpad commands and sound presets, allowing users to tailor the audio experience. The earbuds also boast a convenient independent-use feature, allowing easy switching between left-only, right-only, or both earbuds while playing music without audio disruptions.

True Score


Reasons to Buy

  • Well-balanced sound profile suits many genres
  • Impressive 13.5-hour continuous battery life
  • Companion app with EQ presets for sound customization
  • Compact and lightweight design, ideal for commuting and travel
  • Sturdy build quality for durability

Reasons to Avoid

  • Closed-off soundstage
  • Touch-sensitive controls are finicky
  • Uncomfortable for some users during extended wear
  • Ambient mode can affect the sound by amplifying frequencies
  • Microphone gets overwhelmed by wind noise


  • Battery Charge Time
  • Battery Life
    11 hours
  • Built In Microphone
  • Ear Tip Sizes Included
  • Max Wireless Range
  • Noise Canceling
  • True Wireless
  • Water Resistant
  • Works With


The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is a high-end wireless closed-back model that first came out back in early 2020, and it boasts an IPX2 rating with detachable stability wing tips in order to provide a stable fit to those looking for earbuds with an in-ear design for workouts.

Just like some of the top-rated headphones available in its range, this model sports the fairly new Bluetooth 5.0 standard, which is efficient in terms of battery usage. However, unlike the highest-ranking wireless earbuds out on the market today, this model doesn’t support NFC pairing.

The Buds+ features touch controls. But sadly, these earbuds don’t support active noise cancellation and only rely on passive noise isolation to block ambient noise. If you want a pair of buds from the same brand but ANC is one of your requirements, then make sure to take a look at our Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review.

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