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When shopping for the Best Curved Gaming Monitors, there is no doubt that the Samsung c49rg90 may be one of the best choices among all the competition. It is going to be hard to beat a 49” inch screen which has an ultra wide display that can display content from two devices at once. Aside from the screen size, it is embedded with QLED technology which will provide colors that are true to life.

Why We Like It – Samsung C49RG90

The Samsung c49rg90 monitor has a massive screen size capped at 49” inches. Thanks to the wide aspect ratio, you can use multiple screens at once to max out your productivity. It has embedded technology that reduces input latency and provides smooth frame rates for all the latest games.

  • Eye Saver mode helps you enjoy content longer without feeling as much fatigue
  • Picture-By-Picture lets you connect two devices at once
  • VA type of panels may cause ghosting


The refresh rate on the Samsung crg90 is capped at 120hz while the response time is about 4ms. It is equipped with AMD Freesync Premium Pro and is G sync compatible, which helps support HDR content and reduces the input latency. If you would want your next monitor to have AMD technology, you may also want to check out the BenQ ex3203r. Due to the ultra wide screen, the Samsung monitor has the ability to split into two windows for two devices which they call Picture-by-picture. This monitor also has local dimming which helps improve the black levels and makes them darker.

Viewing angle

The CRG90 brings a quality gaming experience with the VA panel type screen which provides a high contrast ratio, but it is among the slowest as far as response time. The 49” inch screen has a viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically. This monitor has a peak brightness rating of 1000 nits. If you don’t have enough space in your home for a monitor this size, you may want to take a look at a smaller monitor like the Asus pg348q which is capped at 34” inches.


As with most high performance monitors, they will last quite a long time and will go even longer if you don’t physically abuse it in any way. Since it is a Samsung, there are many certified repair shops that may be able to help you fix your monitor in the event that it suffers some damage. For all internal matters, there is a warranty in place for a limited time after purchase for any defects. Also, make sure to ask your retailer if they have any protection plans for your investment.


The curved Samsung monitor has a single HDMI port which was a bummer to hear since there are many HDMI devices that users may want to connect to the monitor and with a single port you will have to be constantly going up to the monitor to switch out the device connected. There are two display ports, which is how you can have the picture by picture feature. There are 4 USB ports, which is good because there are many USB devices out there and to be able to connect a whole 4 devices will be a time saver for sure.


This monitor is much more expensive than the competitors, but it definitely earned its worth by giving us the ability to use two devices on it while having a crisp clear image quality on both. This monitor will improve our productivity by having more windows open. In addition, the AMD premium technology will give us a low motion blur while playing the favorites like Overwatch, Fortnite, and COD Modern Warfare. If the screen size is overwhelming in any sort of way, a better product to check out may be the Alienware aw3418dw.

Samsung C49RG90 Wrap Up

While the Samsung c49rg90 may cost both your arms and legs, the picture quality coming out of this monitor is nothing short of an immersive experience. Thanks to the wide aspect ratio and dual display ports, you can multitask with multiple windows on one screen and work more efficiently while enjoying the vivid QLED visuals Samsung provides through its graphics card.

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